Friday, October 14, 2011

Skipping Already

I skipped yesterdays workout... Day 3... because I was tired! I ended up sleeping until 10 (obvi I woke up to get Mikayla on the bus) and it just made me more exhausted, so I decided to "workout later that night".  Of course that never happened.  Who wants to work out at night? Not me.

Day 3 was done today. It was a Cardio Power and Resistance program, and I liked this one as well.  I'm finally learning how to do a push up after 28...almost 29... years of not knowing how! I am very proud of myself.  This was another 40 minute workout, but the moves are already becoming familiar and its allowing me to actually do them the right way.  Theres a pretty long warm up again, then some stretching, then right into the cardio circuits.  Sprinting, Hurdles, Squats, Globe Jumps, Power Jacks, 1-2-3's, Moving push ups, running push ups, etc.  Its really difficult but not as intense as I thought.  I hope I'm doing it right! Its all about form and your own personal pace... I know I don't get as many in as the ripped people on tv, but i know that's OK.  just getting off my butt is good enough.

After Pete made some recovery drink... muscle milk with a can of mixed fruit, a banana, some ice and some water. Then he made a nice green salad, with cukes and pretzels

I topped it off with this new bleu cheese dressing I bought. 

Its pretty good, its half yogurt and it doesn't taste like true bleu cheese, but it actually comes pretty close.  Its nice and creamy and a good, healthy substitute for something that's pretty high calorie.

We also devoured some slices of last nights dinner

Which would be a crescent roll pizza.

One crescent roll unrolled flat into a baking sheet, spread with about 1/2-3//4 cup of sauce.  I topped it with cooked, chopped chicken thighs (also leftovers) and sprinkled about 1/2 cup shredded cheese on top.  Then I baked it for about 10 minutes and voila... amazing pizza-type thing. 

I have a soft spot for crescent rolls.  And really cool 6 year olds. With fake glasses and fake hair.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Its noon and Im eating Ribs

Today was day 2 of the Insanity challenge, it was the Plyometric Cardio Circut.  The entire segment lasted about 45 minutes.  I was nice and sweaty by the end of it! This workout consisted of three different circuts, with about 5 different things in each circut, done three times, with a little bit of a variation in each circut.  Even the warm up for this was 6 moves done three time each, faster each time, with no break in between!! OMG!! By the third round in each circut I was on the floor done for, trying to push myself.  The moves were not hard for me, but I'm not used to not resting in between, so that was hard. I did have to say I enjoyed the moves on Day 2... suicide jumps, jumping squats, skiing moves, basketball jumps, football moves... it was a fun, quick spin on things I would NEVER do!

After, of course, I was super hungry, so I raided the fridge and ate some of last nights leftovers...
I told you I was eating healthy! I had some leftover tilapia, roasted cauliflower, and couscous.  I also had a slice of meaty garbage bread that i made last night, with tons of leftover hamburger in it. These were pics from last night, I was too hungry to take one today.

20 mins later it was time for lunch... heheheee
so I ate more couscous with a rib, then another rib.  All this working out and breastfeeding is killing me on calories, and I find myself pretty hungry lately, even before my two intense days of working out :)

I made Pete a burger melt last night and didn't force feed him Tilapia and cauliflower... and to make it interesting I cooked up some onions, sliced the burger, and stuffed the onions inside the burger.  Then I placed the entire sandwich in the panini maker... and it came out amazing.  Panini makers make the best sandwiches...ever.

Mikayla has cheer after school today, once again she is cheering in the high school homecoming football game... soooo excited!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Long Time No Blog

Today was my first day of Insanity.  I have taken the Insanity challenge, and it lasts for a total of 60 days.  It is 6 days on, 1 day off (Sunday).  My body already feels like jelly, although the workout wasn't as bad as I thought.  Today was the first day, so Pete and I began the first Fit Test.  A fit test in this program consists of eight intense cardio moves, and you count how many of each move you can do in one minute. 

  1. Switch Kicks         107
  2. Power Jacks           45
  3. Power Knees          62
  4. Power Jumps          27
  5. Globe Jumps            5
  6. Suicide Jumps         13
  7. Push up Jacks         15
  8. Low Plank Oblique 51
Not bad for my first time.  I think the hardest was a Power Jump because you have to jump high in the air with your knees up to the side of you and hit your knees with your hands while in the air.  I think the easiest was the Low Plank Oblique, which you get onto the floor push up style but lay on your arms, and kick your knees to your arms.  Overall, my body feels great... like cooked spaghetti!

After we worked out I made a pretty healthy breakfast... this lil man helped me.

First I coked up two leftover spicy sausages, half a leftover hamburger, chopped garlic, spinach, a chopped green tomato and some black olives
 Then I just cracked 5 eggs right into the same pan, and I like to scramble them as they cook, its so much easier and less to clean!
 I cut a pita in half and placed a slice of cheese on each side, and the cooked eggs on top

 Then squirted on some jalapeno mustard and ate it like a dog! It was so super good!!

I realize when I work out I am so much more careful about the calories I put into my body, since I know how hard I worked to burn calories off.  Hopefully this Insanity program helps me get into shape after having PJ, and provides me with motivation to begin running again, something that I haven't done since the Turkey trot and miss dearly.