Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Its noon and Im eating Ribs

Today was day 2 of the Insanity challenge, it was the Plyometric Cardio Circut.  The entire segment lasted about 45 minutes.  I was nice and sweaty by the end of it! This workout consisted of three different circuts, with about 5 different things in each circut, done three times, with a little bit of a variation in each circut.  Even the warm up for this was 6 moves done three time each, faster each time, with no break in between!! OMG!! By the third round in each circut I was on the floor done for, trying to push myself.  The moves were not hard for me, but I'm not used to not resting in between, so that was hard. I did have to say I enjoyed the moves on Day 2... suicide jumps, jumping squats, skiing moves, basketball jumps, football moves... it was a fun, quick spin on things I would NEVER do!

After, of course, I was super hungry, so I raided the fridge and ate some of last nights leftovers...
I told you I was eating healthy! I had some leftover tilapia, roasted cauliflower, and couscous.  I also had a slice of meaty garbage bread that i made last night, with tons of leftover hamburger in it. These were pics from last night, I was too hungry to take one today.

20 mins later it was time for lunch... heheheee
so I ate more couscous with a rib, then another rib.  All this working out and breastfeeding is killing me on calories, and I find myself pretty hungry lately, even before my two intense days of working out :)

I made Pete a burger melt last night and didn't force feed him Tilapia and cauliflower... and to make it interesting I cooked up some onions, sliced the burger, and stuffed the onions inside the burger.  Then I placed the entire sandwich in the panini maker... and it came out amazing.  Panini makers make the best sandwiches...ever.

Mikayla has cheer after school today, once again she is cheering in the high school homecoming football game... soooo excited!

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