Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Last night Preggers

Tomorrow I am being induced... so tonight is my last night as a pregnant woman (but not forever!).  I had originally planned to spend the afternoon at a pool with Mikayla, but it was pretty crappy outside today, so I couldn't.  We did get to spend the day at the pool on Tuesday, and here are the last photos you will see of me pregnant!
A turkey playing in the yard!

Hot Pocket

Wow... by this time tomorrow I will have my little baby boy in my arms!! Cant wait... so anxious!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Last long day

Today was kind of a sad day because it was Mikaylas last full day as a kindergartner this year.  She is so excited to go into 1st grade, and I'm excited and sad!! She wanted to wear a pretty dress to school (of course) and sparkly shoes.
This is her one of the last times she will be walking into school...
Doesn't she look so tiny?? I cant believe how independent she is, and has always been.  I dropped off the pups to the vet to get another round of shots today, then met the hubster for lunch (Chinese). Mmmm.

Today was an alone day, but I didn't actually get to spend it at home, which is fine with me.  The hour I was home I sat outside and read a trashy magazine, and soon Mikayla gets off the bus for the LAST time this year at 3:20! Im planning on spending the afternoon outside with her... and having as many "Mikayla and Mommy" days as possible before the baby comes.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Step-Fathers Day!

We had a pretty special weekend so far.  Delia came over on Friday, and dinner was fantastic.  Mikayla was happy that I made hot dogs and mac and cheese...
 and pickles and tomatoes and grapes and corn.  My child is such an amazing eater, she just eats everything and anything. I, too, ate a Nathans hot dog... healthified Chicago style

 With lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, ketchup and mustard.  Delish!
 Yesterday we celebrated Step-Fathers day, because Mikayla would be with her father for Fathers Day... and Pete is more of her father anyway.  For breakfast we made him super chocolately choc chip pancakes (white and reg chips) with walnuts... and a fried egg.
 Mikayla just loves making pancakes into faces, thanks to one single trip to IHOP that allows you to do that.
 That would be two huge chocolately pancakes with a fried egg on top... such a good way to start a special day! Next, we geared up and took a "hike" on the bike path.  Pete rode his bike (wayyy more miles then we walked) and Mikay, the pups and I walked about 2 miles.  The bike path is literally a 2 minute walk from where we live, and a nice, scenic, easy walk is from our apartment to one of the Locks on the Mohawk River.
 39 weeks baby!
 The SECOND we left our apartment, Mikayla found a bunch of "baby toads" hopping around, so naturally she handed over the dogs leash and picked one up to take it on a walk. Poor thing died in about 2 minutes.  She squishes EVERYTHING she holds.  She pretty much carried a dead frog for about one mile. 

 Its still alive here... this is when it wanted to hop.  Soon after this photo, the frog "didn't really feel like hopping anymore". ahhh, kids.
 Pete caught up with us after he was finished riding, and walked us home.
 When we got back from our walk the puppies were super tired, so we caged them up and packed for an afternoon at the beach.  It ended up being a beauuutiful day out. Pete scoped out places to drop in his sailboat and I relaxed on the beach and swam stood in the water with Mikayla.

Friday, June 17, 2011

I caved...

Just remember... I am 39 weeks pregnant.

After dropping Mikayla off to school today I took a quick run to Price Chopper.  Mikayla is having her BFF over after school today, and she has been giving me explicit instructions on what she wants them to eat for dinner.  Here's what $21.00 bought me today at the store:
That's right.. you see hot dogs.  She said her friend Delia loooooves them, so I had to buy them.  She jumped on this too... "Mom, this means we NEED ketchup".  Grr... fine, child.  I was going to buy butcher hot dogs, but Pete said he would eat Nathans hot dogs.  I also got hot dog buns, but a slightly healthier kind... as in, not the cheapest package I could find.  I bought two boxes of Annie's Mac N Cheese, which is always a welcomed favorite.  Rice Krispies because I'm home all day and if I have marshmallows Id love to whip up some 'Kripsy treats.  I also bough Goldfish (remember the explicit instructions?!), Capri Suns, and an ice cream treat.... Strawberry shortcake bars. Eggs were $1 for 12, so I had to buy those.  Not my normal shopping trip, but I refuse to let my child be the kid that eats weird.  (Don't you worry... as soon as they walk in I will fill them up with fresh, cut up fruit anyhow..).

Ahhh... so you see that mini-Friendlys ice cream sundae, do you?

 I call that breakfast.  It was mint chocolate ice cream with fudge and crushed Keebler grasshopper cookies on top.  When I got home it was already perfect ruined and all melty, so I had to immediately dig in.
Yeah, I ate about half before I realized eating sugar doesn't make me feel good after I eat it, so into my freezer it went.

Last night we utilized our NY State Park Season pass and drove up to Moreau Lake as a family, minus the dogs.  We made it with about a little over an hour to swim in the lake.  I feel I need to do these things now, before the baby comes! After swimming we let Mikayla play on the playground for a few but Pete and I were getting eaten alive by mosquito's so we had to leave. 

When we came home we worked on the bedroom a lil more (to make room for the babes) and I popped a frozen pizza in the oven.  I also roasted some broc, and cooked up some zucchini.  I bought two emergency frozen pizzas in case Pete and Mikayla needed something to eat, but we already used them both! Ha.
Yeah right.. I ate that pizza x's two! With a huge side of crushed red pepper... my flavorite!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Last night I couldn't sleep and had to be up bright and early to drive Mikayla to school today.  I had high hopes for today, because I accomplished so much yesterday, but the lack of sleep from last night is already slowing me down.  I got Mikayla to school on time.... I hate how sometimes 9am seems so early, because I know its not!! I really wanted to keep her home with me today, but I didn't because she only has 3 full days of school left, and I know these are the fun days!

I came home and cooked up a hearty breakfast, because I was starving! I made an amazing egg sandwich, with 2 eggs, fresh mozz cheese, some leftover Brushetta Salsa stuff, lettuce and some hot sauce.

I should have went with my instinct and only made half... I haven't been hungry or eating a lot lately.  Seriously.  Yesterday I pretty much snacked on some watermelon, which kept me full until dinner.  Pregnancy sure does some fun things to you!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Today was a great day, and I got a lot accomplished!! I went boy baby shopping, using lots and lots of coupons.  One of my purchases consisted of this:

and a few other NB onesies and pants and sleepers which I didn't receive at my shower.  The key to today's shopping trip is I scored everything for just $1.00 a piece!! woot woot!

I then met my husband for lunch, since he no longer has classes he had a lunch that was longer than 40 minutes, so we met at a buffet. 

My two plates mostly consisted of safe sushi... mostly California rolls... and seaweed salad (love!!).  I love sushi, it is so super duper amazing!! The best part about today's lunch?

Seriously.  We don't even eat Subway that cheap!! Next came quality time with my lil Mikayla... we played Kerplunk, ate watermelon, and laughed at the puppies!

"I like Mrs Williams because she is nice to me".  I'm not quite sure why her S's are backwards, we will need to work on that.  I was actually alone for dinner, so I made some Brushetta which actually seemed more like salsa to me (I will post this).  I made two pita pizzas smothered in Brushetta and fresh mozzarella cheese, but was still hungry after that so I mixed it with leftover taco salad and chips.

Now I'm off to watch Glee for the rest of the night.  I worked my butt off re-arranging my bedroom for the baby, and I feel pretty accomplished for today!  I leave you with a photo of my after-breakfast snack.. (so good, yet so bad)...
King Size baby.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Taco Night with a side of Ice Cream

Last night after a yummy dinner the family and I went our for some ice cream.  We pretty much hit up all the ice cream spots by us... including Snowmans, Guptils, Toll Gate, the drive-ins one, Poppys, and last night.. Curry Freeze.  I have been eating a lot of soft ice cream, and vanilla ice cream; however, this place had a soft PB and choc twist, which Pete and I both ordered.  I have been eating the gigantic waffle cones dipped in chocolate and smothered in sprinkles as well... so so good!

Dinner last night was low-key but lots of dishes... another night of make your own tacos.  I made these chips again but this time I sprinkled on chili powder and taco seasoning, and broiled them for about 5 minutes on each side, they came out crunchy and fantastic.

I made a taco salad (x's 2) and ate it with the homemade chips.

Taco night consisted of lettuce, chips, tortillas, rice, homemade re fried black beans, chicken thighs, corn, salsa and sour cream.  I have also been eating a lot of these babies:

That's right.  Its a reverse Boston cream from DD's.  Its so good and I know I will never have the guts to eat it again after the pregnancy, so I'm totally enjoying them now.  I went to the doctors today.... 0 pounds from last week!! Woot woot!! Still, nothing exciting, I'm still pregnant and he still thinks I'm going to deliver around my due date, so I suppose I should find something else to do besides sit around and wait!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Almost Summer Vacation!!

This weekend we braved the rain, drove up to Lake George, and put our Great Escape season passes to good use.  After the first hour it began to drizzle, and then it began to pour!!

Big Girl Coaster!!

We tried to push through, because the rain didn't seem to bother Mikayla, but as we were waiting for a ride it began to pour, and they shut down the ride we were waiting for.  We decided to go and find some shelter and eat the mega lunch that I packed for us... luckily there was one free table when we walked inside!

Great Escape apparently does not let you pack lunches and bring them inside the park anymore.  We were able to bring ours in because I walked right behind the security guard who I saw searching bags... if we cant pack a lunch its just going to be such a pain.  I refuse to purchase food for my family of 3... it would honestly be more than $30 for lunch!! (A PB&J with a cheese stick and juice for Mikayla is OVER $8!!!) Outrageous!! I will need to get creative and pack some food anyway, and try to sneak it in.  Good life lesson I'm about to be teaching my child. 

On the way home we passed this mini... and I just had to snap a photo because it was the smallest thing I have ever seen, especially in this "super-size-me" country.

Saturday Peter and I enjoyed a nice, relaxing dinner at Buca di Beppo, an italian restaurant in Albany that serves their meals family style.  We like this place because you can get a ton of food and they always have $10 off coupons... score! First, they always bring you out some bread and dipping oil

and we ordered the chopped antipasto... "Diced pepperoni, red onions, pepperoncini peppers, cucumbers, provolone, feta and Gorgonzola cheeses, tossed with our fresh lettuce blend in our signature Italian vinaigrette"... with the pepperoni on the side due to my pregnancy.

For dinner we ordered Pasta Carbonara, which was SO filling yet delicious!! Tender chicken breast, prosciutto and peas with imported Italian spaghetti tossed in our creamy Alfredo sauce.  We also ordered a side of their pesto sauce, because it is amazing!

I wanted nothing more than to order dessert but the one I had my eye on served SIX!! No thanks.

Now I am just literally waiting for my water to break or my contractions to begin, which is driving me NUTS because I cant even sleep.  I just keep waiting.  Officially, there are two more weeks of school left... but I think as of today I'm throwing in the towel.  My body is exhausted and every position is just downright uncomfortable.  Pete's last day of classes are tomorrow (!!!) and Mikaylas last day got moved to next Thursday... so its almost summer vacation for all!  
What is this lil Pocket-Girl going to do when mama doesn't have her belly pillow anymore?!?!