Saturday, April 9, 2011

Laurens Wedding

Yesterday was Lauren and Bryan's wedding, which was so super amazing and beautiful! Lauren, my best friend, looked absolutely amazingly gorgeous... as did all of my friends in the wedding party. When I get photos I will post them.

My lil girl looked gorgeous as well.  She was one of the flower girls, Bryan's niece Annabelle was the other flower girl.

Funny story, and I'm so proud of my Mikayla for this.  While walking down the aisle, Annabelle was wandering off, not following Mikayla.  Mikayla acted fast, grabbed Annabelle with her right hand, put her basket in her mouth, held it with her teeth, and used her left hand to throw the flower petals down the aisle, all while dragging Annabelle!! It was the FUNNIEST thing ever, I laughed SO HARD that I couldn't stop crying!!! I was so proud of Mikayla, she definitely made everyone smile and laugh.

Mikayla loved everything about being a flower girl... the limo... the hair... the nails... everything! Being in my best friends wedding, with some of my other best friends, with my daughter, was such a special thing.  I appreciated every single second of it - spending the time with the beautiful bride and the beautiful flower girl. It kept me smiling throughout the entire day.

The reception was at Longfellows in Saratoga Springs, NY, and it was so beautiful inside.  The food was delicious, appetizers were brushetta (amazing!!), hot crab dip, beef wellington, potato cake things, coconut chicken, shrimp wrapped with bacon with wasabi sauce, and a bunch of other finger foods.  (I think that about covered it?) Anyway, the apps were amazing, as was dinner.  Dinner was served buffet style, and I particularly enjoyed veal pasta, smashed potatoes, beans, the double carving stations, salad, cranberry stuffing... you get my drift.  So  good! I enjoy buffets, maybe more than the average Joe, because I love eating a variety of food.

I leave you with more photos of my Mikayla, standing on the bridge overlooking the indoor ponds.  When I get better photos I will put them up... all I had is the camera on my phone.

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