Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lets play catch up

Lets play catch up.  This week Pete, Mikayla and I had off from work/school, and boy-oh-boy has it been super busy!  The week has been full of errands and family and friends and fun family things! First thing: My SIL Mary and her daughter Hanna were in town, so all of the kids (and Sue) went Rollerskating.  I, of course, sat on the sidelines and didn't lace up... boo. It was Mikaylas first time rollerskating, which was super cute to see!
Sue with Mikayla and Makayla


Mikayla, Sue, Makayla & Lauren


The Mikaylas (or Makaylas)
Pete hasa business meeting one night, and I swooped in for the good part.  (Free food - hello!).  For an appetizer, we ordered french fries with wing sauce and a salad

Pete and I both ordered chicken fajitas for our main meal.  They were yummy, I never order chicken except during this pregnancy. Anyway, you cant go wrong with make your own fajitas.

Dessert was amazing.  It was Caramel apple cheesecake: An old fashion cheesecake in a buttery graham cracker crust, topped with cinnamon apples, walnuts & caramel.  Honestly, it was SO AMAZING! Unfortunately, we had to split it between the 3 of us, and Pete wouldn't ask the waitress for a dressed-up-cheesecake to go.

I also finally met my friend Amanda one morning for breakfast in Saratoga.  She told me she knew a spot where they made the best pancakes, the Country Corner Cafe.  Now, yes, okay, sometimes I enjoy a pancake, but I will never order them...ever.  If I want to order something to drown in syrup I'm more of a french-toast type of gal.  Usually, I enjoy omelette's in the morning. Anyway, once the waitress told me the pancake specials, I just knew I had to order them.  Amanda ordered the apple cinnamon, I ordered the Banana Pecan, and Pete ordered the Cranberry Walnut.  SO SO SO SO SO AMAZING.  Hands down the best pancakes I have ever had, ever!

Mikayla's shot
The pictures don't do the food any justice.  The were just so good! Mikayla and I also went to Target to register for boy stuff, where she picked up this amazing snake mask.

Mikayla really wanted to help pick things out for the baby, which was just so darn cute! I let her walk around and zap things with the gun... and she kept asking her baby brother questions and putting her ear up to my belly to "hear" the answer, then she would tell me what he "said".  I love kids.

Then, one night we made pizza (shocker) (we probably ate pizza 87 times this week).  The first pizza was shrimp, jalapeno, and olive.  We pre-baked the crust for 10 mins as usual, then added the toppings.

I put jalapenos on half, and fresh cheese on my half, Monterey jack on the other half.  Variety is the spice of life.

The second pizza I made was using the leftover fajita chicken.  I put some sauce on it and cut up the chicken and veggies and put it on the pizza.  Then I covered it with Parm and mozz cheese, and baked it like normal.

Umm... can you say pizza disaster?!?! Once we took it off the pizza stone and put it back into the oven, the entire pizza sort of disintegrated! It was such a mess, we tried to save as much as we could. Pete was so cute... he was like "OMG Vanessa, we NEVER have kitchen disasters like this:"  And we don't.  there was only one other time something was a disaster, and it was when I baked an apple pie in one of those aluminum tins and the tin didn't hold the pie and it dumped all over the oven!

My wonderful husband stopped me from having a breakdown, salvaged the pizza, ate it, and enjoyed it. I love him!  Only two more days left of vacation... today will be spent grocery shopping, "nesting", and Easter Baking (hopefully!).  We shall see, its pretty crappy out here today, as it has been all week.

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