Saturday, April 30, 2011

Running Daydream

I'm sitting outside on a beautiful day, having already had a wonderful, super-great-fantastic day, and I'm actually missing running.  Totally missing it.  I was lost in a daydream about how in October(ish) 2009 Pete had me run around the track and I couldn't even run 2 laps (which is 1/2 a mile!!) and then we joined the YMCA in November and I quickly took a liking to running on the treadmill.  Pete had motivated me by telling me "if you can run 3 miles, you can run anything".  If this is true or not, I don't know, but it motivated me and in a few weeks time I was running 3 miles.  the more time I had at the gym, the longer I ran.  My longest run was 7.2 miles.  It was so easy for me to just keep going and not give up... and just see how long and easily I could run for.  Now, when I was running these "long" miles, I was at about a 10 min mile pace, so its not like I'm a fast runner, but I just don't get exhausted.  Sitting here in a chair, outside on a sunny day, with a pregnant belly filled with ice cream and sprinkles, I just really miss running.  I hope I'm motivated to do it after the baby comes, because at this point I'm just exhausted.  The last thing I ran was the Turkey Trot at 2-3 months pregnant, and I had high hopes of running half's this year, so I'm pretty bummed.

Anyway, about my wonderful day.  First, Mikayla is now a soccer girl.

Mikay is the cute one!

 I registered her to play 5 yr old soccer, and she was so super excited to "play soccer ball".  Its every Saturday morning right at her elementary school.  She definitely looked the most professional on her team, as Pete and I obviously have high ideals of what soccer girls should look like, complete with the hair up in a skinny headband, which she loved.  Mikayla was a mini-version of her coach, it was great. 
Soccer chick in the making
See that?  That's the line we skipped by arriving at 9:15 vs 9:30 on opening day.  Its funny how going someplace only a few minutes early actually saves you so much time in the end.  We were like the 5th person in line, and Mikayla was first to arrive on her team, that line must have taken over 30 mins to wait on. 

When we got home Mikayla and I made 'Dilla pizzas and leftover Spaghetti

Which eating with chopsticks is obviously much more fun than a fork.  Afterwards we chowed down on these amazing chocolate covered Peeps that Mikayla's Grammy got her for Easter... and let me tell you... they were AMAZING.
We also drove down to Snowman's Ice cream place today and Pete ate this amazing sundae
And I enjoyed soft black raspberry frozen yogurt in a chocolate-dipped-rainbow-sprinkle-covered waffle cone, with extra chocolate sprinkles
Sprinkles light my fire!!
Obviously I over-indulged myself and this is why I'm sitting here missing running.  I wish I could just get up and start jogging, but truthfully, my body is telling me to walk inside and take a long nap while its quiet at my house. Either way, its pretty obvious I'm just going to relax for the rest of the day. 

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