Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Busy Days

Yesterday was such a busy, tiring day! I went to pick up my bridesmaid dress for Laurens wedding on Friday, and it wasn't done yet.  It was pretty much in pieces on her sewing table.  I was instructed to stop by tomorrow, try it on again, and pick it up Thursday.  Nothing like cutting it close to the actual date, huh?! On today's agenda I need to go purchase shoes to wear with the dress, the only problem is I have pregnancy feet!! I really want to get cute heels, but I'm just not sure if my plump new shape can handle it!

We ate at the in-laws for dinner, we had pot roast, vegetables, salad, Biscuits with jalapenos and cheese, and stuffed artichokes! Yumm!!! There, we also had a photo shoot of mini-me and the pups:

My 6 month belly:

Ugh I feel so out of shape.  I walked around the mall Monday with Lauren, and I felt as if I had randomly run 10 miles, without stretching! My body was absolutely shot after that.

Breakfast today is a toasted English muffin with Mascarpone cheese and Raspberry jelly.

I really need to go grocery shopping, I hope I can make that happen today. I hate not having every single thing I will ever want stock piled in my kitchen.  I mean, we have no eggs, bread, milk, etc... which makes eating pretty hard, yet creative. Well, I'm off to begin my super busy Wednesday, toodles!

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