Friday, April 29, 2011

Jumpin' Jacks

I ended my awful eating day yesterday with a healthy dinner from my parents house... but then I went to pick up my husband and just knew I had to feed him dinner.  (Yes, I'm going to blame what comes next on him.)  I decided, since he worked so hard yesterday, to take him to Jumpin Jacks for burgers, fries, and milkshakes.
It was nigh time before we got there, and we stood in line (he ordered the food, I went to the ice cream shop)

I came back with a strawberry milkshake for me, and two baby vanilla cones with sprinkles for him and Mikay. 
 He came back with this delicious spread

Not like I enjoy greasy burgers and fries or anything.... its the whole draw of the burger place that I like.  Its outside, its inexpensive, its fun, its on the river, etc.  I totally upped my cheeseburger with onions... and added fries, coleslaw and mustard. 
I should totally open my own restaurant. I bet people would order that, who wouldn't?! One bummer is they were out of cheese sauce for the fries... boo.  As healthy as Ive become, I do still love me some cheese sauce, although I'm sure baby boy Vottis benefited from them not having it yet.

When Peter and I got home from work yesterday, we had a nice lil surprise waiting for us... or, shall I say, waiting to eat Pocket girl
A baby snapper! That was a cute bright spot in my day.  Yesterday was one of those days that everything just goes wrong.  After I filled up my car with gas I realized my windows wouldn't move up or down, and they were half open, AND my wipers wouldn't work.  Good thing it stormed all day yesterday.  Now I have to take my car in to be fixed, how annoying is that.  Today is Friday, which just makes it a great day no matter what! My hubby picked me up an iced coffee from DD's, and some breakfast sandwich thingie, which I devoured.
You also see a million baby cuke slices, which I eat like potato chips, and a "salad" sandwich, which I already ate half of.  On the sandwich went Mascarpone cheese, spicy marinated mozzarella cheese, spinach and cucumber.  (we are sort of out of groceries and are getting creative).  I was getting funny looks walking down the hall shoving this sandwich in my mouth, two-handed.  Okay... yeah... its a veggie sandwich for breakfast, not normal but not weird. I leave you with a photo of the hubster in his classroom, working hard... surely enjoying me snapping photos of him when he is trying to concentrate and do work.
Yes, some people have careers. Showoff. 

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