Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fun Groceries

I did it!! I went grocery shopping!! I actually bought a lot of stuff this time, and had almost $25 in coupons, which amazes me because everything I bought was "healthy" and all-natural, except for these suckers

These ended up in my cart because a) I had a coupon
                                                      b) I'm pregnant
                                                      c) Ive had this craving for magic middles and these looked close
                                                      d) all of the above
Obviously its all of the above! These are good, but they are a lil plain.  I thought they might resemble my beloved magic middles. You know when you go grocery shopping there are a few things you are actually excited about?  Here are some of mine, from this trip (most of these I had a sweet coupon for)

All-natural strawberry pudding?! Perfect for Mikayla to take to school, and there aren't many ingredients in here which surprised me.  Ingredients: low fat milk (vitamin A and D), sugar, modified tapioca starch, inulin, eggs, fruit and vegetable juice blend (color), natural flavors, salt, carrageenan, vitamin A palmitate. (not like I know what the last 2 really are).

Pre-made granola, because I was hungry and Price Chopper makes really yummy granola and leaves it by the candy in the checkout lanes, so naturally I had to buy it.

Ummm, like, no ingredient cheese puffs?? Sign me up!

These are extra wide homemade noodles, which I pictured in some light sauce with shrimp and fresh veggies. Ive never actually bought homemade noodles from the grocery store, so this is a first for me.

Orange juice. Not too weird, right?!

But read the ingredients, I thought it was weird and a must-try. Plus, Mikayla loves orange juice, so she will be happy.

All natural, humanely raised chicken.  I bought drumsticks, which I never buy, and tenders.  We have had good luck with the other all natural stuff, so I figured Id give this a try.

Thanks to coupon clipping I had a BOGO for Rachael Ray's Just 6 dog treats... so even my puppies get to eat healthy!

Last time Pete and I went shopping we couldn't really buy any snacky type food, so it made us feel very limited to what we were able to buy.  I'm looking forward to trying these things out.  I'm the type of person who always has to pack my purse full of snacks when I leave the house, because I know I will get hungry and make the wrong choices.  I know all natural cheese puffs aren't healthy for you, but they are better than a lot of other things I could be snacking on.  Plus, they stay in your purse and pack well in a lunch!

I'm just super excited to have different kinds of food in the house, and I'm excited to cook up some butcher bacon tonight that I bought :) Shrimp BLTs, here I come!!!!

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