Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Good Finds

YAY, I love grocery shopping! I end up getting less and less each time I go now, because there is less and less food that I actually want to eat. 

Things I am excited about:

These are freeze-dried fruits, in lil snack packs.  They are $0.80 per pack at Walmart.  They used to have Mickey and Donald on them, but for some reason they don't sell those ones at Walmart anymore, and finally replaced those ones with these.  They are really good, Mikayla doesn't really like the pineapple.  It is just pure fruit, with nothing added.  Try em, they are pretty darn good!

These lil gems are pretty delicious as well... this is the only flavor I have tried but they are yummy! They are a bit sticky, but work well in lunches and purses.  I just found out that my favorite new brand, Cascadian Farms, is actually owned by General Mills.  In fact, most small organic brands I have seen in the grocery store are owned by large companies... how scary is that??

This was amazing, with little ingredients. 

I did just do a bunch of research and read that anything labeled NATURAL FLAVORS is actually MSG!!! Please, don't even get me started, but maybe you should do a lil research of your own.  Things labeled MSG FREE, NO ADDED MSG, etc... can ALL still contain MSG, and it can hide behind a variety of 40 different names.  40... no lie.  Natural Flavors being one of them.  Looks like you just cant win.

Except with this pure deliciousness

Nothing but pure ingredients.  Im so in love with this ice cream, its so creamy and tasty! I also picked up this Strawberry syrup, which is also labeled ALL NATURAL.  Sure it is.  Looking at the label it too contains NATURAL FLAVORS.  Other than that, its pretty healthy, and not sweet at all.  Don't buy this thinking its like maple syrup at all, because its not.

I will eventually find healthy foods for my family and try to keep them in my kitchen as much as possible.  Its super scary reading about food problems, chemicals, additives, and what it does to your body.  Researching it for only an hour makes me want to change my food lifestyle.  We went to dinner last night, and Pete ordered a cheeseburger and fries, and I got a salad and shared some Chinese food with Mikayla.  We both scarfed down our food and looked at each other... like... now what are we gonna eat?  My husband actually said to me that he feels more full off of one egg sandwich that I make him than off of the Cheeseburger and fries.  (Of course we filled our tummies with a slice of stuffed pizza soon after, just to not leave hungry!).  Whole foods baby, whole foods.

We actually ate a late lunch/early dinner out, but later last night I was just SO hungry.  Nothing in crappy food actually fuels my body with nutrients, therefore just making me hungry later.  I made a homemade pizza full of veggies, which was delish!
I just baked the dough, took it out, smothered it with spinach, then added olives, jalapenos, tomatoes, onions, artichoke hearts and cheese.  It was good, I ate 3 slices!!

Today I am taking Mikayla rollerskating for her first time, with her cousins Hanna, Brianna, Makayla and Lauren, and her Aunt Sue.  It should be tons of fun!! Too bad I cant join in on the fun, I will be watching closely from the sidelines.

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