Wednesday, April 20, 2011

KIND bars

What do you eat when you have a flat tire, are pregnant, and stuck in a Mobil parking lot for 2 hours? (Don't worry mom, it was a flat on Pete's trailer, everything was a-okay).

Ta-dahhh... I found the healthiest thing that Mobil sells.  I have never had a Kind bar, and they were okay.  I could easily make these, and make them taste better.  I hate buying things I can make on my own! The green wrapper one was covered in yogurt, which made it really good.  The fruit ones were just too fruity for me, but pretty good.  The Sweet & Salty Nut Almond bar in the middle was really good, but so no healthy.  I guess you cant always win.

For breakfast we finished up the rest of the Kashi waffles, which I didn't really care for either.  I preferred the Van's brand of waffles - tastier and less ingredients. On the side was some leftover ham and an egg. 

We topped the waffles with pure maple syrup, strawberry syrup, and fresh strawberries and bananas.  Mikayla was happy because I finally let her use a (butter)knife and slice the bananas.  Teamwork baby, teamwork.

I am officially 31 weeks pregnant, which means I'm in the single-digit countdown! I cannot believe there is only 9 weeks left, that's so crazy! I had a doctors appointment this morning, and we heard the heartbeat again, and good news... i don't have pregnancy induced diabetes!!! YAY for me! (I had them with Mikayla, it was awful).  This is also the beginning of my every-2-week visits, which should be exciting!


  1. Love Kind bars on the fly. Only bar I can find that are vegan and aren't loaded with crap!

  2. I enjoyed them too, and glad I can find at least one healthy thing in a gas station!