Monday, April 4, 2011


I have been so busy lately! My best friend Lauren is in town, and I finally got to see her all day on Saturday for her wedding shower and bachelorette party! She moved from where I live, to Boston to.... Wisconsin. (Boo Lauren!) I also got to see my lovely friend Katie Connecticut, although she lives in New Hampshire now.  I have been friends with these people for 10 years!!!!! Holy Cow!! Laurens mother is a wonderful cook and baker, and made these amazing PB Hershey kiss cookies that i LOVE!! Unfortunately, I did not take any photos. I'm going to see Lauren again today, I am very excited!!!!!

This morning I have my "pregnancy diabetes" test... last pregnancy I failed miserably  Possibly the Strawberry Frosted pop tarts and soda I had for breakfast had something to do with it? Yuck, I CANNOT believe how I used to eat! Today, however, is a different story.

2 slices all natural cinnamon raisin bread, smothered in Mascarpone Cheese, with fresh spinach and tomato

I don't want to have any sugar before I take this silly test this time, although I'm craving a waffle with syrup and banana.  I will save that baby for lunch!

I woke up this morning starving, more than usual.  I'm getting hungrier and hungrier, which is just weird to me because I feel like I'm always eating already! Last night Pete and I stayed up pretty late grading papers, and I made us a "quick" midnight snack... because I was starving!

That would be some All-Natural Annie's Mac N Cheese, mixed with the chicken sausage, black beans, and zucchini. (This meal is not a pregnancy craving, but more of a lack-of-grocery shopping meal).  It was so yummy!

For dinner last night we went to my parents house, and my mother made a delicious pork loin (its always delicious mom!), green beans, finger potatoes, salad and homemade cornbread, which I spread Mascarpone cheese and Rip-Roaring Raspberry Jelly on.

Back to the lack of grocery shopping meals, I made my hubby breakfast in bed yesterday (so now we are 1 for 1).  I wanted to make an omelet, but we only had 2 eggs, so I made more a steak-with-a-lil-bit-of-eggs... sandwich for him, carb free for me.  (the doctor said I should cut out carbs.... which is impossibly because that's all I eat... carbs and eggs!)

 That, my friend, is steak, egg and cheese slop (I will trademark the phrase when I have the time) with A1 Sauce and Tabasco sauce.  With a side of asparagus, because, who doesn't want a side of asparagus with their egg slop for breakfast?? Good thing I put Pete's on a sandwich! ha.

These two lil fur babies wanted in on the breakfast action.  Don't worry, they got steak too.  Now I'm off to get read to sit in a lab for an hour and drink some gross drink and get needles poked into my arm.  To brighten the day... its pouring rain and freezing cold out. 

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