Thursday, April 28, 2011

Online Shopping

Yesterday was another gorgeous, hot, sticky day outside.  Its funny, because usually I absolutely love the hot and humid weather, but the past two days I just couldn't handle it.  Being pregnant really changes your body, but of course we all know that.  In fact, I'm sitting here sweating right now typing on my blog! I left work yesterday on my lunch and actually ran to Target to try and find inexpensive summer maternity clothes.  I came back with one pair of black Capri's, which I will probably wear every day of my life now that its hot out.

The hubster and I are working in the same school again today, which I love.  He already brought me an iced coffee and a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich from Stewart's.   For breakfast this morning I also made myself a nice egg sandwich, complete with spinach, mustard, and chia seeds. (Yes, yes. yes... I already had two breakfast sandwiches.  A girls gotta eat...)
My friend Katie ordered things from, so I got jealous and ordered things too! I ordered my mother and I each a bag of Chia seeds, and I also ordered 3 packs of Seaweed snacks. 

Okay, so I have read a ton about Chia seeds and the health benefits, and how everyone loves them... and couldn't find them in stores, so I did order them online.  If you know me... you know I never order things online.  While I was there I saw seaweed snacks.  Now, I love seaweed.  I love it in sushi and I absolutely looooove seaweed salad, so I thought Id give these a shot.  Pete looked at me like I was crazy but then tried one and declared he did like them.  He's not going to open the cabinet to eat them or anything, but I promise you they are really good, high in vitamins, and low calorie.  Very low calorie.  And salty, and I loooove salty foods!

Enough about my weird food discoveries, last nights dinner was made specifically with my husband in mind.  Mikayla went out with her father to a movie and Pete was...doing guy things... so I had time to myself.  I cooked.  I made Pete chicken, because he likes chicken and I just rarely make it.  I defrosted about a lb of drumsticks and decided to bake them.  First, I dredged them in flour
Another healthy purchase
then egg and then a mixture of Panko breadcrumbs, parm cheese, parsley and garlic salt.
I then put them on a rack and baked them on 400 for about 25 mins.
On the side I roasted a ton of cauliflower, and green beans mixed with roasted garlic leftover from Easter dinner.
I also made a side of this rice, which was pretty good.
This was totally made for the hubby to enjoy, I only had one piece of chicken and lots of veggies.  I was still so hungry after dinner that I indulged in some Coffee ice cream with sprinkles.  I was going to blog this last night on my free time, but Pocket was sleeping on the laptop and she was just too cute to move

I know you probably cant see that photo, but I didn't want the flash to wake her.  (Yes, she is my baby!). I am driving to my parents house after work today, hopefully eating something delicious for dinner, then coming home.  I cant believe it almost Friday already! This week went by super fast... I'm sure the baby countdown helps that out.


  1. how cute. my "puppy" puts his head on my laptop as well. Try the chia seeds on yogurt as well!

  2. I need to try chia seeds and spinach in my smoothies!

    What should I make for dinner?