Monday, May 2, 2011

One day behind

I blame my blogging laziness on the pregnancy.  Today for breakfast I had a new fav- toasted English muffin (totally not all-natural... can we say Thomas'?) with PB, a drizzle of honey, sliced naner and chia seeds.  Sooo delish and filling!
Yesterdays breakfast

Today's breakfast
I realized that cereal has been making me shaky and a little out of breath about 20-40 minutes after I eat it.  I would say it could be the milk, but I have used Almond milk, rice milk, and regular milk, so I don't think its that.  And my cereal isn't sugary, so I'm just unsure whats doing it. 

Today was a day full of errands... one of those super annoying days that you really don't do much but are in the car driving around all day.  The highlight was meeting my hubby for lunch, I love doing this, its something we have done since the day we met each other.  We just always had lunch with each other, and I still look forward to the days we can take advantage of this.  Luckily, its pretty often :)We hit up the PC salad bar, and I also had a slice of pizza which I didn't take a photo of because I forgot.

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous out!! I spent about 2 hours outside and got pretty good color, yay, I love being tan.  Mikayla ran around in circles, and the pups chased her. 

Sitting on the back patio, watching my three lovies run around in our backyard made me more than happy that we live where we do.  Everyone enjoys being outdoors.  I decided to hit up the bbq, the first time this year.  I made some kabobs, a summertime fav for Pete and I. 

I love kabobs because I can eat as many as I want and not feel bad about it! I actually did the Q-ing, I learned how to do it from camping with Pete.  I was always scared to work a propane grill, but really, there is nothing to it... and now I just love camping because I am able to get very creative with my bbq/camping food... like pita pizzas, shrimp stuffed shrooms, ribs... you name it, I make it camping! Too bad it wont happen this summer.

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