Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lots and lots of veggies

Today I went to work with the hubster, and ate really healthy.  We haven't gone grocery shopping in a while, so last night I actually made pasta for all 3 of us to take to lunch today.  I made some thin spaghetti with vodka sauce, and on top I threw in left over roasted veggies from dinner last night, that were marinated in Italian dressing and cooked on the bbq grill.  I also added in a spoonful of cottage cheese on the side, because I like to eat cottage cheese in my pasta when it gets warm out, it makes it much more refreshing.  Is that weird? My mother always did it, and I do it now too.
On the side I had a tub of mandarin oranges.
After work we went to the playground for an hour to let Mikayla get some energy out.  We also took the pups.  I'm going to try and take her every day this week, because its supposed to be beautiful out. When we came home I was starving, but still took the time to cook and not start shoving food into my face the second I walked in the door.  I decided on a make-your-own stir fry.  I wanted it like a taco night because Pete likes rice, and I don't; Mikayla does, and I like to eat mine over rice noodles or cooked bean sprouts.  So, to each their own, right?
On the table was a bowl of seasoned chicken, frozen schezwan (?) veggies, bean sprouts, toasted almond rice, roasted brussel sprouts (for a side) and two kids of stir fry sauce.
I'm super excited to get a lot of veggies in my diet today, because I have been lacking in this food group lately.  The make your own stir fry dinner worked really well and it helped keep everything fresh so nothing got all soggy. 

I will spend the rest of my night watching one more episode of Desperate Housewives and then call it an early night.  I was so tired today during work that I had Pete put down Post-it note "butcher paper" on the floor, and I took a nap on it during lunch!! I had to.  I was SO SO tired.  I hope to just make it through this week and enjoy a nice, relaxing weekend.

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