Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dinner Date

Last night for dinner my hubby decided to take me out!!  I started my dinner with a Crab soup, which was basically chowder but without the potatoes, and a lil spicy... love.
 The for the main course I ordered a 6 oz petite sirloin smothered with bleu cheese.  It was so perfectly pink and bloody... amazing.  I also chose a side of roasted tomatoes and broccoli.
Pete ordered sirloin tips which were fantastic, and some kind of chicken which I passed on trying. 
 Mikayla enjoyed vanilla ice cream with whipped cream and a pink lemonade.
 And I absolutely adore how most restaurants have those mini-desserts now.  I always, always, always pass on desserts, but maybe its being pregnant or maybe its because its a low commitment level, but I enjoy ordering the mini-desserts. Mine was some PB thing: Creamy peanut butter mousse with crumbles of peanut butter cups paired with a chocolate chunk brownie. Drizzled with chocolate sauce. AMAZING.  I didn't want it to end.
 Pete ordered some Key Lime dessert which was good, but mine was better :)
And now I'm off to try and whip something up for tonight's dinner.  We shall see what happens!

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