Sunday, May 22, 2011


This weekend was my amazing baby shower thrown by my beautiful mother, amazing mother-in-law, and fantastic sister in laws.  I only have a few photos taken from my Blackberry... so the quality isn't good.  Hopefully friends and fam will email me photos so I can have some better ones!

my fab mama

lil miss mikay
 The cake and centerpieces were so pretty! each table had flowers and blue gift boxes full of M&Ms, which I enjoyed some leftovers of today.  The cake was half vanilla half choc, and it was so delish!

Austin & I
This photo would have been great if my tech-savvy  mother didn't take 10 mins to take a photo (please, all moms do that!)
 This following photo was a creative gift that my friend Justine did - she hung baby boy clothes on a clothes line with clothespins.  It was super duper cute!!

I got a lot of nice things that I am pretty excited about.  I cant wait until Pete helps me put everything together and makes some room in our apartment so we can get everything done! I must have looked at my awesome presents 8 thousand times, baby stuff is so fun!!

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  1. so fun! showers always make you feel so loved! better than birthday parties. :)