Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So, I should probably get back to blogging.  I've been a slacker on it lately, and its mostly because Id rather sit around and do nothing vs. sit around and lolly-gag on the computer even.  I have also been working my butt off before the baby comes, and have been too tired to think! Luckily, I feel I have a second wind these past few days.  In my lunch today was this amazing fruit salad ("Its yummy yummy".... thanks, Wiggles, for always being stuck in my head!)
Fresh Pineapple, Grapes, Blueberries and Strawberries
I cut my first fresh pineapple! Actually, the hubster did, and it is just so tasty and amazing.  I'm glad summer is here because it means that fruit is inexpensive and we can eat a ton of it (besides apples!!)  Along with my baking adventure last night, I also cooked up some pasta salad to take to lunch with me today.

Its veggie pasta with olives, orange peppers, feta cheese and cukes... extra cukes on the side for me. Some other good lunch eats Ive had recently... a BLT

Which I wrap everything separate and put it together right before I eat it so it doesn't get all soggy and gross.  A salad with spinach, nuts, cranberries and cheese

Some leftover pizza... it was Margarita pizza, and I spiced it up with red pepper, black olives and chopped spinach

Mikayla eating the pizza, along with the two kiwis she downed... the girl found out kiwis are her new favorite food, and made me buy SIX at the grocery store.  She pretty much attacks them and wont share with anyone!

Sushi... cooked, don't worry.  The one on the left is crab and the one on the right is eel with eel sauce... yum!

duck salad with cashews... from a Thai food place, which was amazing.  I have never yet eaten a spicy salad, and this was fantastic! I ate the leftovers in a wrap for breakfast the next day.

I brought a baby shower favor in the car with me... and ate the entire thing.  A girl needs sweets in her life :)

aaaand I took the one hot day that we had and used it as an excuse to get the hubby and I vanilla milkshakes from McDonald's.  Yeah yeah yeah... they're not great for you, but it was delicious!

Tonight there is an awards ceremony at the school Pete and I work at... awards, raffle and dinner.  We are taking Mikayla, it should be fun!

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