Wednesday, May 4, 2011

BBQs and Alone Time

Today I'm home, enjoying my pregnancy.  Whenever I have a few minutes to myself I am usually cleaning, doing the dreaded chore of laundry, or cooking.  Not today.  On today's agenda is a nap and a few episodes of Desperate Housewives before Mikayla comes home from school with a friend.  Breakfast was enjoyed on mah belly...literally.   
Breakfast was a Vans waffle with white chocolate PB, maple syrup, sliced strawberries and naners, and Chia seeds. Soo good. 

Yesterday the day was spent nesting, and I totally re-did my dining room and kitchen

Ahhh, nice and clean and I got rid of all of the clutter that was around.  For dinner, Mikayla and I decided to cook on the BBQ.  We were hanging outside, and did not want to come in to cook.

It was a lil chilly, but we braved the cold to make this nice, huge, juicy steak, along with eggplant parm pizzas
First, Mikayla and I took the dough, rolled it out into 5 balls, then flattened it to make mini-pizzas.  I threw em on the 'cue for a few mins to get some nice lines and crispiness
Then I spread some sauce on the crust, thew on some leftover eggplant parm, mozzarella cheese, and blobs of ricotta cheese. 

I obviously put some hot peppers on mine too.  Then I bbq'd the pizzas until they were nice and crispy.
I told ya I love getting creative with the bbq.  the best thing about this meal was it was completely made outside, on my lap.  So easy and delicious! Mikayla and Pocket were quite sleepy after a long evening of running around after each other...
And now I'm going back to snuggling with my pups while watching some well-deserved TV time.

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