Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Today was a great day, and I got a lot accomplished!! I went boy baby shopping, using lots and lots of coupons.  One of my purchases consisted of this:

and a few other NB onesies and pants and sleepers which I didn't receive at my shower.  The key to today's shopping trip is I scored everything for just $1.00 a piece!! woot woot!

I then met my husband for lunch, since he no longer has classes he had a lunch that was longer than 40 minutes, so we met at a buffet. 

My two plates mostly consisted of safe sushi... mostly California rolls... and seaweed salad (love!!).  I love sushi, it is so super duper amazing!! The best part about today's lunch?

Seriously.  We don't even eat Subway that cheap!! Next came quality time with my lil Mikayla... we played Kerplunk, ate watermelon, and laughed at the puppies!

"I like Mrs Williams because she is nice to me".  I'm not quite sure why her S's are backwards, we will need to work on that.  I was actually alone for dinner, so I made some Brushetta which actually seemed more like salsa to me (I will post this).  I made two pita pizzas smothered in Brushetta and fresh mozzarella cheese, but was still hungry after that so I mixed it with leftover taco salad and chips.

Now I'm off to watch Glee for the rest of the night.  I worked my butt off re-arranging my bedroom for the baby, and I feel pretty accomplished for today!  I leave you with a photo of my after-breakfast snack.. (so good, yet so bad)...
King Size baby.

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