Friday, June 10, 2011

Gym Coach?

Announcement from work:
Friday, June 10, an extremely busy day......Over 790 teachers have called in absences .....Please call the Help Desk if you are looking for WILL be available!....... Thank You for your dedication to our students!

WOW! That's a lot of teacher absences! Today I was supposed to have a low-key day, and be able to leave school at 1:15 (instead of 2:50), but as soon as I arrived at work they told me they switched my job... from special education... to phys ed!! Holy cow, I wonder how I'm going to do this today! I'm exhausted and probably shouldn't have come into work today, even for a half day.  This morning I put Mikayla on the bus and crawled back into bed, with the puppies, from 8:30 until 10!! I just need to listen to my body more than ever, and its telling me I'm tired! I don't get much sleep during the night anymore, I feel like I wake up every 20 minutes and just never fall into a deep sleep.

My past few days in this heat wave, which would otherwise be amazing, is mostly spent like this:
goggle marks!

Spent in or beside a pool! It has just been so hot here lately, which never happens! I haven't been working these past few days, I think it would just be too much for me.  I have spent time nesting in my home, getting things ready and getting rid of a bunch of clutter. 

We have mostly been eating bbq too, because I just don't feel like cooking at all.  When I went grocery shopping the other day, all I really bought was fruit, because its easy to just chop up and leave in the fridge for a quick snack.  (And, Mikayla and Pete just loooove fruit!).

I have also been buying these bars, they aren't bad for you and are super amazing! You should prob try them! Now, I'm off to be a gym coach, maybe this helps me have the widdle babes!!!

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