Monday, June 20, 2011

Last long day

Today was kind of a sad day because it was Mikaylas last full day as a kindergartner this year.  She is so excited to go into 1st grade, and I'm excited and sad!! She wanted to wear a pretty dress to school (of course) and sparkly shoes.
This is her one of the last times she will be walking into school...
Doesn't she look so tiny?? I cant believe how independent she is, and has always been.  I dropped off the pups to the vet to get another round of shots today, then met the hubster for lunch (Chinese). Mmmm.

Today was an alone day, but I didn't actually get to spend it at home, which is fine with me.  The hour I was home I sat outside and read a trashy magazine, and soon Mikayla gets off the bus for the LAST time this year at 3:20! Im planning on spending the afternoon outside with her... and having as many "Mikayla and Mommy" days as possible before the baby comes.

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