Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Step-Fathers Day!

We had a pretty special weekend so far.  Delia came over on Friday, and dinner was fantastic.  Mikayla was happy that I made hot dogs and mac and cheese...
 and pickles and tomatoes and grapes and corn.  My child is such an amazing eater, she just eats everything and anything. I, too, ate a Nathans hot dog... healthified Chicago style

 With lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, ketchup and mustard.  Delish!
 Yesterday we celebrated Step-Fathers day, because Mikayla would be with her father for Fathers Day... and Pete is more of her father anyway.  For breakfast we made him super chocolately choc chip pancakes (white and reg chips) with walnuts... and a fried egg.
 Mikayla just loves making pancakes into faces, thanks to one single trip to IHOP that allows you to do that.
 That would be two huge chocolately pancakes with a fried egg on top... such a good way to start a special day! Next, we geared up and took a "hike" on the bike path.  Pete rode his bike (wayyy more miles then we walked) and Mikay, the pups and I walked about 2 miles.  The bike path is literally a 2 minute walk from where we live, and a nice, scenic, easy walk is from our apartment to one of the Locks on the Mohawk River.
 39 weeks baby!
 The SECOND we left our apartment, Mikayla found a bunch of "baby toads" hopping around, so naturally she handed over the dogs leash and picked one up to take it on a walk. Poor thing died in about 2 minutes.  She squishes EVERYTHING she holds.  She pretty much carried a dead frog for about one mile. 

 Its still alive here... this is when it wanted to hop.  Soon after this photo, the frog "didn't really feel like hopping anymore". ahhh, kids.
 Pete caught up with us after he was finished riding, and walked us home.
 When we got back from our walk the puppies were super tired, so we caged them up and packed for an afternoon at the beach.  It ended up being a beauuutiful day out. Pete scoped out places to drop in his sailboat and I relaxed on the beach and swam stood in the water with Mikayla.

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  1. Oh hunnie you look so cute! I cannot wait to meet the baby! Please text me or have someone text me when he is born so I know!

    The hotdogs look so good, I freaking love hotdogs, but I never eat them, I wish I did!

    Sorry you have a murderer on your hands, hopefully it is a phase she will outgrow :-)