Friday, June 17, 2011

I caved...

Just remember... I am 39 weeks pregnant.

After dropping Mikayla off to school today I took a quick run to Price Chopper.  Mikayla is having her BFF over after school today, and she has been giving me explicit instructions on what she wants them to eat for dinner.  Here's what $21.00 bought me today at the store:
That's right.. you see hot dogs.  She said her friend Delia loooooves them, so I had to buy them.  She jumped on this too... "Mom, this means we NEED ketchup".  Grr... fine, child.  I was going to buy butcher hot dogs, but Pete said he would eat Nathans hot dogs.  I also got hot dog buns, but a slightly healthier kind... as in, not the cheapest package I could find.  I bought two boxes of Annie's Mac N Cheese, which is always a welcomed favorite.  Rice Krispies because I'm home all day and if I have marshmallows Id love to whip up some 'Kripsy treats.  I also bough Goldfish (remember the explicit instructions?!), Capri Suns, and an ice cream treat.... Strawberry shortcake bars. Eggs were $1 for 12, so I had to buy those.  Not my normal shopping trip, but I refuse to let my child be the kid that eats weird.  (Don't you worry... as soon as they walk in I will fill them up with fresh, cut up fruit anyhow..).

Ahhh... so you see that mini-Friendlys ice cream sundae, do you?

 I call that breakfast.  It was mint chocolate ice cream with fudge and crushed Keebler grasshopper cookies on top.  When I got home it was already perfect ruined and all melty, so I had to immediately dig in.
Yeah, I ate about half before I realized eating sugar doesn't make me feel good after I eat it, so into my freezer it went.

Last night we utilized our NY State Park Season pass and drove up to Moreau Lake as a family, minus the dogs.  We made it with about a little over an hour to swim in the lake.  I feel I need to do these things now, before the baby comes! After swimming we let Mikayla play on the playground for a few but Pete and I were getting eaten alive by mosquito's so we had to leave. 

When we came home we worked on the bedroom a lil more (to make room for the babes) and I popped a frozen pizza in the oven.  I also roasted some broc, and cooked up some zucchini.  I bought two emergency frozen pizzas in case Pete and Mikayla needed something to eat, but we already used them both! Ha.
Yeah right.. I ate that pizza x's two! With a huge side of crushed red pepper... my flavorite!

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  1. girl you eat whatever you want! for sure! i know i would if i was prego! can't wait for you babe! you are due so soon!