Friday, October 14, 2011

Skipping Already

I skipped yesterdays workout... Day 3... because I was tired! I ended up sleeping until 10 (obvi I woke up to get Mikayla on the bus) and it just made me more exhausted, so I decided to "workout later that night".  Of course that never happened.  Who wants to work out at night? Not me.

Day 3 was done today. It was a Cardio Power and Resistance program, and I liked this one as well.  I'm finally learning how to do a push up after 28...almost 29... years of not knowing how! I am very proud of myself.  This was another 40 minute workout, but the moves are already becoming familiar and its allowing me to actually do them the right way.  Theres a pretty long warm up again, then some stretching, then right into the cardio circuits.  Sprinting, Hurdles, Squats, Globe Jumps, Power Jacks, 1-2-3's, Moving push ups, running push ups, etc.  Its really difficult but not as intense as I thought.  I hope I'm doing it right! Its all about form and your own personal pace... I know I don't get as many in as the ripped people on tv, but i know that's OK.  just getting off my butt is good enough.

After Pete made some recovery drink... muscle milk with a can of mixed fruit, a banana, some ice and some water. Then he made a nice green salad, with cukes and pretzels

I topped it off with this new bleu cheese dressing I bought. 

Its pretty good, its half yogurt and it doesn't taste like true bleu cheese, but it actually comes pretty close.  Its nice and creamy and a good, healthy substitute for something that's pretty high calorie.

We also devoured some slices of last nights dinner

Which would be a crescent roll pizza.

One crescent roll unrolled flat into a baking sheet, spread with about 1/2-3//4 cup of sauce.  I topped it with cooked, chopped chicken thighs (also leftovers) and sprinkled about 1/2 cup shredded cheese on top.  Then I baked it for about 10 minutes and voila... amazing pizza-type thing. 

I have a soft spot for crescent rolls.  And really cool 6 year olds. With fake glasses and fake hair.

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