Saturday, July 23, 2011

Good lil campers...

I have been M.I.A because the fam and I went camping for a few days at Moreau Lake State Park.  Me, Pete, PJ, Mikay, Rocket and Pocket... and my bro in law and his two kids.  We had beautiful, hot weather, it was so perfect for two days at the beach!

 My lil man just loved camping! Actually, he pretty much slept the entire time, except for the first night.  The kids really enjoyed having nothing to do and make their own fun... such as chopping down trees.  Don't worry mom, Mikayla didn't actually hold the ax!

 Mikayla and Emily really had fun together, playing with the puppies... it was Emily and Patricks very first time camping! Hard to believe Mikayla has been camping for 4 years and Ive been camping for 26 years!
The weather was so hot that we spent both days at the beach... Me and PJ in the shade, and Pete out on his lovely, lovely sailboat.  I didn't get a chance to ride, but Mikayla went on it and loved it.

I, of course, did the camp cooking, which I just love.  Once I learned how to actually use the grill I decided I enjoy cooking on it and coming up with fun things to eat.  I only took photos of one of the meals... breakfast... on the second day, so I had to improvise and use what we had on hand.

We drank "Cowboy Coffee", which was instant coffee but we didn't have sugar or cream! It also took forever to boil, because if you use a grill for any other purpose it just takes forever. 

You see grilled pepperoni, mini-bagels, and eggs with leftover peppers and onions, all slapped together to make a wonderful sandwich.

The kids and I (ha.. sounds so weird!) were able to spend the hottest day (99!) at my parents by their pool, and here are a few photos from our visit...

Tonight will consist of packing for... my vacation!!! We are going to Maine for a week, and I cant wait!

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