Friday, August 12, 2011

Its a seafood kinda day

I found the time to blog this morning because of this:

My babies sleeping together, again! Mikayla just loves being a big sissy! Yesterday, our day was spent like this...
PJ enjoying the outdoors

Daddy on the sailboat

Mikayla catching...things

Our fav snack of the day... Roni, cheese and bbq chips

Mikay with the grossest bug ever
We decided to spend the day at Moreau Lake so Pete and his friend could sail.  It was a beautiful day out but quite chilly so we stayed out of the water.  When we got home (after cheer) I decided to cook up some seafood...

We bought some crab legs at the store the other day and tonight seemed like a great night to pull them out.  I boiled them for about 5 minutes, and they were super tasty.  We decided to skip the butter, because we actually enjoy the taste of our seafood.  Mikayla was super excited to eat crab legs, she really loves eating seafood.  The main dish was Shrimp Scampi but I decided to cut the sauce in half because I wasn't in the mood for a buttery dish.  Once again, it came out so tasty!
You cant tell but there is a doggie next to PJ... they are about the same size! I love my lil man and cant wait to spend the day with him.  My absolute favorite part of my day is when PJ wakes up in the morning, because he is all smiles and we just lay in bed together and "talk". Its even better when Mikayla joins in!

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