Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Quick Shrimp Tacos

I forgot how crazy life is with a newborn!! No matter what I do, I'm holding PJ and spending time with Mikayla, so its impossible to find time to do anything! Blogging has really been placed on the back burner lately, but I must say I have made some amazing meals that I am planning to eventually write about. I'm also planning to beginning to run again, which makes me anxious. 
PJ is an absolute dream.  He is so so so good, and Mikayla is the best big sissy ever.  I just have two absolute amazing children, I'm so lucky.  Today we stopped by Nana and Poppy's house, where Nana fed me this amazing overnight french toast.  I shall ask her for the recipe and post it, because it was really good and would be great to serve for a brunch.
PJ and I took Mikayla to cheerleading, which she really enjoys.  I try to practice all the time with her, mainly because I think its fun and I think shes the cutest cheerleader ever! She is getting the hang of it, and her favorite part is going up on the pyramid.
When we came home we were all starving.  Cheerleading is just such an awful time, its 5:30 to 7, which is exactly time for dinner.  We came home and immediately began to cook shrimp my favorite way, and I decided to make shrimp tacos.  I also had about 4 pieces of cooked catfish in my fridge, so I reheated that in the oven as well.  I haven't ever bought catfish but decided to buy it at BJ's, so now we have a ton of it! (I do like catfish, and would definitely buy it again).
In the tacos were shrimp, Cajun catfish, re fried black beans, spinach, tomatoes, salsa, sour cream, cheese and sliced avocado... so so good!
The fam hung out while I quickly cleaned up dinner because the kiddies needed me to put them to sleep.
You cant see it in the photo but the puppies are hanging out too.  Pete is such a good dad, it makes me smile!

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