Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tie-Dye Baking

Mikayla loves baking.  She especially enjoys baking cupcakes.  Throughout the blogging world, I have recently seen tons of rainbow cupcakes and tie-dyed cupcakes, and thought this would be a fun twist on a regular, old, boring cupcake.

First we made the cupcake batter... I don't have a recipe I enjoy, since I don't bake enough homemade cupcakes.  I wish I did a bit more research on the basic recipe.  Nothing I have ever tried tasted like it came from a box... in other words, homemade cupcakes are much more dense than the box kind.  At least mine are.

Once the cupcake batter was done, we divided the batter into 5 smaller bowls, mixing a different food color in each bowl and stirring well.  Using one color at a time, we spooned it into the bottom of the cupcake liners.  The first color didn't cover the bottom, but I didn't mind because we wanted to create tie-dye ones. We repeated for each color and then took a knife and swirled the colors together at the end.

They came out really pretty, but I would like to experiment for a fantastic vanilla recipe.  I don't particularly enjoy cupcakes, ever, so in order to eat and enjoy I need to find an awesome recipe.  Any ideas??

we just used a can of frosting with pink coloring in it to make them pretty.  this time she ate two.

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