Wednesday, August 10, 2011

White Mountains

This summer has been totally crazy for me!! Not only do I have an infant, but in the past weeks I have been on trips to Moreau Lake, Maine, New Hampshire, and Lake Placid!! Holy cow!! I hope to catch you up on what my fam and I have been doing.

We went to Northern NH to go to one of Pete's childhood friends wedding.  Unfortunately I don't have any photos from the wedding, but the bride looked beautiful! The next day we decided to eat at a little place on the main road .  The inside was really cute, and it was the type of place you could actually open and run on your own.  The menu was written on two walls...

 I got the Robert Frost.
 And inside was nice and cozy, with a chess set and some couches.

 Unfortunately, since the place was totally hippie and organic, the food was only okay.  The bread was so hard, and I wasn't impressed what so ever. Boo.
 After eating we drove down the street to Cannon Mountain, and purchased tickets for the tram.  I don't remember ever being on a tram, but I'm sure I have before.  It was a quick 7 minute, packed trip up the mountain. If you've never been on a tram before it holds about 70 people, all packed and standing.
 Once off the tram the views were absolutely beautiful
 We took a quick, short hike to the top top of the mountain to the weather station.  The first hike we took I freaked out, because it was on the side of the mountain and I had PJ and Mikayla, so I forced us (along with the father in law and husband) to turn around.  Once we headed back we found the "short" safe trail directly to the top, no cliffs involved, so we took that. 

 I swear I will stop taking photos with my Blackberry soon.  since the tram leaves every 15 minutes, we had plenty of time for photo shoots...

 My special treat for myself at the end was..... rock candy!! I actually bought a four pack, because I'm crazy like that.
 I found this to be interesting

So, that was my journey to the White Mountains in New Hampshire.  Now that PJ is sleeping more regularly, I hope to blog more about my trips and amazing eats, since I've actually been cooking lately!

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  1. Looks like you are having a fun summer! It was great seeing you and the familia last weekend. Now you just need to take a road trip to Madison to see your obf!

    Love you!