Thursday, December 9, 2010

First Blog Everrr!

Sooo, since my OBF Lauren made a blog, and I came into work at 11 today but REALLY I didnt need to come into work until 1:30, Im deciding to make a blog too! I am currently 11 weeks pregnant and just ate the most delicious cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese from DD's, along with "black" tea, since I cant drink any coffee!

Yesterday my mama and I went Xmas shopping, and I happened to purchase some maternity clothes.  Incase you didnt know, I have been in maternity clothes since 8 weeks, which is kind of unreal.  Today I was so excited to wake up and put on cute clothes that actually fit me!! I love being pregnant, I loved it when I was pregnant with Mikayla too.  Even though this pregnancy has been less exhausting than the last, I have been getting sick alot- however, I still enjoy it knowing that there is this little teeny weeny baby growing inside!

Lets see - last night I really didnt feel like cooking, but I made an amzing eggplant parm pizza! i sliced an eggplant thin, dipped it in milk, light breadcrumbs, and fried it.  Then I baked the pizza dough, took it out of the oven, spread some (frozen) homemade sauce on it, smothered it with chopped fried eggplant, blobbed it with ricotta cheese and put some mozz cheese on top of it.  Its an easy no-fail pizza, with veggies to make it healthy (right).  My family and I love pizza a little too much.  When I first met Pete he told me he could never ski enough, and never eat enough pizza.  Instead of buying sloppy, greasy, bad-for-you pizza, we always make homemade pizza.  Dont get me wrong, we do love ordering out too, but you dont feel as bad when you make it yourself.  Mikayla, my love, told me "Mommy - you are the best cook EVER", as she was eating her pizza.  Ahhhh, i love 5 year olds!!

Tonight is Petes Works Christmas party, which I am excited for.  Its at Bucas, so I will be stuffing my face with italian food tonight.  I just hope there is Brushetta bread, because if there isnt, a special pregnancy order is in my near future.  I just love those little fresh chopped tomatoes since Ive been pregnant!  yay!


  1. Hi my lil lover butt! I am so happy you started a blog, now you will have to post recipes. Have fun at the Xmas partay!

  2. I totally will!! and, when i do it from home i can post my food photos!! yay!! love you, obf