Thursday, December 16, 2010

Leftovers & Spelling bees!

I bet you don't even understand how excited I am to finally have my appetite back! (Yay!) You know the feeling when you are sick, and all you can eat is maybe some soup and some Ginger Ale?? Think of that feeling... and now think about having it for more than 2 months... closer to 3... yuck-o! I am so happy! For breakfast this morning I made 2 *cooked* eggs... my favorite eggs are those runny/dippy eggs, which I am absolutely not allowed to eat while pregnant :(.  Because of my love for DD's cinnamon raisin bagels, I bought a loaf of Pepperidge Farm Cinnamon Raisin bread to eat in place of buying bagels every morning.  So, I had 2 eggs and a slice of bread smothered in cream cheese!

Making lunch is always a challenge - I don't ever want to underpack lunch, because then I'm just not a happy camper! I took two slices of that delicious bread, smeared both sides with Almond butter, and sliced the other half of Mikaylas breakfast banana to make a yummy morning snack, which I am eating now!

I also packed a Tupperware full of leftovers... surprisingly, we only had enough food leftover from last nights feast to make two lunches! I thought we would have leftovers for a week! In the bowl is Corned Beef, Potatoes (etc), sprouts, sweet potato fries and mustard.  I also hid one chorizo roll from Pete and snuck that in once he left for work.

I also peeled two tangerines, and packed a chex mix snack pack, Better Cheddars (not shown, but they are my favorite cracker everr!), pineapple (not shown) and two string cheeses.  I also have two bottles of water and a large tea from DD's.  (A girls gotta stay warm somehow).

Yes, it does seem like a ton of food, but by 10 am I have usually eaten half already!! Pregnancy is finally making a girl hungryyy. 

In 45 minutes I am going to go to an assembly to watch the 4th, 5th and 6th grade spelling bee for Central Park.  Call me a dork... but I actually wanted to work today just so I could go watch the spelling bee!! I think it stems from my mothers love of reading the dictionary and winning spelling bees... or watching the huge crazy one on CNN... or the fact that I still remember getting out by misspelling balloon... or baloon... omg.... anxiety attack.... and I knew how to spell it.  It was pure stage fright.  I do believe that may have been the beginning of my awful public speaking skills.  I was, and always have been a great speller, and I was so super upset misspelling that damn word!! I will go wish my kids good luck, I cant wait to see the words they are able to spell during a competition!

Breakfast Sandwich

2 slices Pepperidge Farm Cinnamon Raisin bread, toasted
2-3 tbsp Almond Butter
1/2 Naner

you get the drill ;)

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