Friday, December 17, 2010

Kindergarten is tough!!

Remember this cute lil face... this is what Mikayla looks like the day she had her first kiss with a boy!!  Pete and I had gotten her off of the bus today, and the busdriver called me over.  Now, this busdriver is quite outgoing, so it is not unusual for him to tell me a story about Mikayla.  He said, "You know the boy who lives over there, the boy I just dropped off?" I said... "Yes." He said, "Well, kids on the bus were saying they kissed.  I also told his mother, so she knows, and she said she would take care of it."

I couldnt help but laugh.  When questioned, Mikayla said, "Yeah, I kissed him... like this... " and showed me how she kissed him two times!! Holy cow, Mikayla!

This incident followed a phone call from the school nurse today telling me that a little girl in her class bit her, but didnt break the skin.  Apparently she bit Mikayla on the way to lunch, when they were all in line.  The nurse said that Mikayla wasnt upset, and the little girl had to go talk to Mr. Thompson, the principal. 

One thing is for sure....... life with a five-year-old is never boring!

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