Sunday, December 12, 2010

YAY for Christmas Parties!!

Usually, baking (cookies) anything with Mikayla goes something like this: "Mommy, we need to bake ______ (cookies, brownies, cupcakes, etc)".... and this goes on for days.  Finally, mommy caves in and we make a big huge mess and we bake.  I usually let her do pretty much whatever she wants, as long as I do the measurements.  This time, we decided to do sugar cookies that she has been wanting to do for maybe 2 weeks.  We baked two batches of cookies, and she had a blast rolling the dough, cutting with cookies cutters, and frosting them with neon food coloring (gross!).  After this project (or any baking project), when everything is all finished, I ask her "Mikayla, would you like to eat one now?".... her reply is ALWAYS "no thank you mom."  Then, she walks out of the kitchen, washes her hands, and goes and plays in her room.  She will never, ever eat what she bakes!! Thats okay with me, but I just think its so funny!

AWWW, isnt she the cutest??

The ugly sweater party was really fun, although I feel like everyone didnt have an UGLY sweater on, and made them look as fashionable as they possibly could. 

Meredith (the one in the green shirt on he stairs) made lots and lots of yummy food, including the worlds biggest bowl of Brushetta (which, being pregnant, I was quite in love with!).  Dave and Meredith bought a house in Albany which used to be a 5 unit apartment, and they put a lot of time and effort into re-doing it.  The result, thus far, is amazing!

Last night was my friend Andrea's "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" theme party.  Everyone wears their pj's, and we eat, drink, play games, and play secret santa.... it was a really good time, Im glad I went!! Andrea is a very good hostess, she likes to keep her guests happy, laughing and entertained.  For the secret santa, I brought a DD's gift card (hey... who doesnt appreciate one of those?!) and I ended up with the present I opened.... a box of hot chocolate, a mug, a tin of cookies, and a Barnes and Noble gift card (score!!) .  When Andrea had us go around the room and say how we knew her, I once again realized Ive known her (and my other girls) for more than 10 years now!! Holy Cow!!!

Next weekend Pete and I have big plans... to run a lights in the Park 5k, and then on Sunday is his annual Gore Xmas party! I love Christmas party season... tis the season where we get to go to other peoples parties, and not cook and do all of the cleaning!!

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