Friday, December 31, 2010

Lazy Winter Days

Wednesday Mikayla and I stayed home the entire day, and opened and played with all of her Christmas presents! Her favorite was sand art, given to her by Uncle Adam! She also really enjoyed her Portrait art, given to her by Austin.  Mikayla did the most beautiful painting in the entire world... she painted "Mommy's baby, with red hair".  I think its beauuutiful!

Yesterday we packed our ski gear and drove up to Gore.  This would be my second time this winter and Mikayla's first.  Mikayla got new skis and boots from Santa this year, and she couldn't wait to try them out!! On the way,we stopped by Stewarts for breakfast, where I got this amazing bacon, ham, sausage, egg and cheese sandwich... yes, I know I cant stomach meat but this oddly seemed more than appetizing to me! It was super delicious, so I only allowed Pete to take one bite.. hehehe. 

Gore was so super crowded!!  Mikayla skied the J-Bar for about 2 hours, then we took a lunch break where she downed a Lunchable.  She absolutely loves making her own mini-sandwich creations, and I obviously encourage her to eat her own creations. 

Oreo-and-Turkey sandwich!

After lunch we took ONE run on the double chair, which took 40 minutes total from the line to the top! It sooo wasn't even worth it, Mikayla, my cute little 5-year-old skier was DODGING out of control, awful skiers!! It was unbelievable! Pete was put on traffic/speed control for the double chair, and boy did he have his work cut out for him! The holiday skiers are pretty terrible, they usually ski about once a year and *think* they are amazing.  How good or bad they are doesn't concern me in the least, until it becomes a safety concern. On the holidays, more often than not, parents drop their children WHO CANT SKI off at the double chair and allow them to ski there alone, all day! I rode up alone (Pete took Mikayla) with a 7-year old little boy who skied ONCE last year.  He was all alone, at 7, skiing when he clearly had no clue how to do it.  These people truly concern me.  After our one dangerous, stressful run we decided Mikayla would ski the Palma a few times until Pete was finished working; luckily, Pete was given a ski group which Mikayla was able to join.  I, then, went to go sit and mingle in the lodge for the next hour and pack up :) Wheeee!

Mikayla was so exhausted that she slept until 10 this morning..... my baby NEVER sleeps past 8, ever.  Her usual time is 7! I made myself this amazing crab-shrimp-egg-tomato-cheese-arugula sandwich for breakfast, it was simply amazing!

Tonight we have a wedding to go to at the Century House.  It should be amazing, it is supposed to be about 300 people and they are serving either lobster or filet for dinner.  (FYI~ I will be ordering the lobster, and forcing Pete to get the filet so we can split!!),  The wedding is officially 7-2, but I assume we will be leaving right after midnight! Since I cannot drink I am extremely excited to scarf down appetizers the entire time

 2010 was the most fantastic year!! I'm sad to see it go, but am so lucky that I get to ring in the new year with my amazing husband! I hope that 2011 bring lots of joy and happiness to my family! We are already expecting great things, with the baby due on June 26th.  I am not entirely sure what my New Years Resolution will be this year.  I do always make them, but quickly forget exactly what I promised myself.  Maybe this year one of my resolutions should be to remember my resolution! Til next year...

Seafood Breakfast Sandwich

4-5 Lg Shrimp, chopped into pieces
Lump Crab meat
2 Eggs
Handful of Arugula
1 slice Deli Cheese, I used American
2 slices whole wheat bread
1/2 tomato, sliced thin

Toast the 2 slices of bread, and on one side place the cheese, and the other the tomato and Arugula.  In a frying pan, throw in the cut seafood, and crack the 2 eggs into the pan.  Scramble inside the pan... when done, place over cheese, add the top, and eat! soo good!!

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