Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Long time, no Post!

Here is what happened to me:

1) Pete, Mikayla and I purchased two couches for Christmas!
2) Santa brought Mikayla a Wii for Christmas
3) Pete ordered Netflix through our Wii!!

Pretty much, I haven't really gotten off the couch!! You must not understand how it is to live without couches for three months... its awful!! Here is a glamour shot of Mikayla NOT enjoying the two couches... but only because she is not allowed to eat on them!

Pete's nachos he has been making for me at night:

Pregnancy Nachos
Red Beans
Black Beans
Taco Cheese
Spicy BBQ Sauce
Salsa (a lil bit)
Chili Seasoning

Dump everything on the chips, bake at 450 until the cheese melts... and devour!
Here are some photos from the "snowstorm" that we got the other day.  Mikayla and Pete (and the two lil pups) braved the cold and wind (notice the helmet and goggles!).  I swear we live in a wind tunnel.  When I looked outside the morning after the storm, all I saw is grass... because the snow had all blown against the sliding glass door to the point where it wouldn't eve open!

Today is also my mama's birthday - Happy birthday mom!! Mikayla really wants to make her Nana a chocolate cake that spells N-a-n-a. No really, thats Nana with a she knows when to stop reading!

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  1. Hooray for new couches! I can't wait to sit on them!