Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pregnancy Eats and Treats

Sooo, I haven't posted in a few days! I have been working and have just been too tired to think! Monday I came home from work STARVING, so I quickly popped on the oven while waiting for Mikayla to get off of the school bus.  I opened a Pizzeria Uno Flat bread pizza, added some "pregnancy toppings", and threw it in the oven....kazam.... 15 minutes later it was crunchy pizza heaven! I probably wont buy this pizza again.  Although I don't mind frozen pizza (as long as I add more toppings!) this was a bit too thin and crunch for me.
However, Mikayla and I had no problem eating the entire thing, until Pete came home later with REAL slices of pizza.... mine consisted of some type of ziti alfredo, and then one with chicken on it. Mmmmm.

Sunday night Pete and I picked up Mikayla and decided to take her to her favorite "renstaurant"... the "shrimp and crab place".  This means we took her to Kobe buffet in Latham.  I decided that since I wasn't feeling well already, and since eating makes me feel sick, tonight I should just go for the gold and.... eat!!
Yes, this was my meal! Crab legs, spring roll, two clams (I ate one), green beans, mushrooms, more crab, shrimp, lo mien, fried calamari, un-raw sushi... you name it, I ate it.  Do take note this is meatless.... since become pregnant Ive also transformed into one of those annoying vegetarian-people... yuck. (I do hope it passes soon, vegetarians aren't real people!)

Mikayla also enjoys lots of seafood... notice her dish. She loves "shelves", and crayfish, and lo mien, and shrimp, and crab legs... you name it and that girl will eat it!! She really enjoys different types of foods and gets excited picking out what she is going to eat! A girl after my own heart.....
There is one thing she does which I never do... she always eats with chopsticks!! Pete taught her how to use them, and she always insits, every time she eats Chinese food!

Am I the only person who actually eats Chinese food with a good ole fork?? In my family, I am!!
I was disappointed with my fortune, because it wasn't really a fortune.... 
I thought this was dumb!! Currently, I am watching my Pre-K-ers take a nap, listening to Christmas Music! What a great way to spend an afternoon, getting paid! I just got back from a quick run to the Dollar Store to stock up on the 12 days of Christmas presents for Mikayla... and some extra stocking stuffers for her for Christmas.  On the first day of Christmas, Mikayla woke up VERY confused and excited that Santas elves actually came into our home, put her stocking on her door, and put a present in her stocking!  She couldn't wait to get up this morning and go check her stocking... this morning the elves brought her mini-chips ahoy! Yesterday she received a Hello-Kitty snack holder for her lunch box.  Lucky girl.  Its fun being 5! Don't you wish you could go back to being a child?!?!

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