Friday, May 6, 2011

Pregnancy Pizza

Pete and I worked together yesterday, and once again went out for a quick lunch.  The pizza place we always go to was able to take requests for slices... and prepared us something special!

This is a pizza with blobs of Ricotta, black olives, and jalapeno peppers.  I know it seems weird, but its halfway to our favorite pizza without being greedy.  The place we always go to for lunch usually has unique pizzas out, so they were more than happy to take a request, especially from a pregnant regular.  Pete and I were happy, because some people came in, asked about those slices, and said they looked good! The guy was like, "yeah, these are for my regulars.  We take care of them".  Haha, makes me happy! It surprises me, but I find people eat weird things if they are out there.
Yesterday I came home from work and fell asleep! When Pete and Mikayla came home they went outside to play soccer together, it was so adorable watching them play in our nice lil backyard together.  Pete was acting like a soccer coach, and set up "cones" for her to kick the ball around.  She put on all of her soccer stuff, and enjoyed every second of it!

For dinner I decided to dump a pack of ground turkey in a frying pan, start cooking it, and then popped on the computer to see what I could make with it.  The result? not much.  I decided on taco night, because I didn't feel well, wasn't hungry, and it was easy. 

I wanted just a light taco salad, but didn't have any chips, so I decided to make my own.  All I did was cut up a few tortillas, sprayed them with PAM spray, and dusted them with chili powder, stuck em in a 350 oven for about 5 minutes.. and presto... insta-chips.

 They were actually really good, and different than Tostito chips. So, I ate a soft taco, with cottage cheese instead of sour cream because I didn't have any.  Weird, but you couldn't really taste the difference?
 And then I ate a taco salad.  Trust me, there are more than 2 chips under there.  In the salad went lots of chopped fresh spinach, cherry tomatoes, cheese, a scoop of ground turkey, tons of salsa, and cottage cheese.  Pretty big dinner for a sicky pregger girl who wasn't very hungry!
Dessert came in the form of a Cadbury egg that the hubster brought home for me because he ate the one I was saving for emergencies and felt bad... or maybe was just annoyed that I notice every single morsel that he eats :)

157 lbs of woman:

Okay, so the shirt isn't very flattering, but its okay, I don't feel bad.  I estimated my weight to go up to 165... so that would be about a 45 lb weight gain.  not good, but not as awful as last time.  I also feel like I'm carrying the weight differently this time... I know those photos aren't flattering... but I haven't gone up in size or anything, which shows its mostly in the belly and evenly spread out all over!

I just keep telling myself... if I can lose it once, I can surely lose it again!!!! (right?!)

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