Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ahhhh, Husbands

Last night for dinner, I actually ate leftover Subway that I bought for lunch!! Can you believe I actually went to the grocery store, bought everything for Steak Paninis, and the husband LEFT my groceries in the car??  Overnight?? He didn't come home until after 8, which didn't help his case. 

Why didn't I go get them myself, you ask?

1) Its absolutely freezing outside.
2) My lil puppies were spayed/neutered and needed their human mama
3) I couldn't leave Mikayla alone with the puppies... she tries to be their human mama but sometimes is a too rough
4) He said he would do it

Husband came home and said, "Whats for dinner?" and for the FIRST time in forever I said... "nothing". Nothing! (Mikayla, don't worry, filled up on a cinnamon-raisin-peanut butter-grape-jelly panini on Pepperidge farm cinnamon raisin bread, with a side of cherry tomatoes, and an orange.)  (Her leftovers were amazing).  I, on the other hand, ate half of a soggy grilled chicken breast sub with southwest chipolte sauce and every veggie under the sun on it.  Appetizing... right.

Not my photo, but you get my drift
He ended up eating my Ravioli Lasagna that I made Monday night.  Tough love, baby, tough love.

Pocket and Rocket are doing great so far today!! I gave them their pain meds, and let them hang out in our master bathroom for the day.  Rockets in the crate, Pockets in the doggie bed next to it.  I don't really want them together, in case he decides to lick her stitches. Im just glad my babies are okay!!!!

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