Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sandwiches Galore

Last night I had a few quiet (welcomed) hours to myself.  2.25 to be exact.  In that short but rare amount of time, I chose to empty the dishwasher, make dinner, snuggle with the pups and watch one episode of Desperate Housewives (season 2!) before it was back to "the ole routine". 

I wasn't really hungry for dinner (maybe it had something to do with that half a pan of brownies I scarfed down?!) but I made some anyway.  I broke out the Panini maker, and made me-self a tomato, avocado, mozzarella panini on a Sandwich Thin.  I also cooked up a zucchini on the side.  nothing special, but it was good... quiet... and all mine!!

When the husband came home, I made him his own special dinner... a Steak and Cheddar Panini (2 to be exact) on Ciabatta Bread.  I wasn't in the mood for steak, so I didn't eat any.

I used this steak, and just pan fried it, then sliced up some Cheddah Cheese and slapped it on there.... 

I also quickly threw together my beloved Pillsbury Crescent Roll Pizza... although this one came out like flavored bread.  It was so yummy! Don't gag... but I put on Anchovies, Garlic, Fresh Mozzarella, and Spices.  Then I baked it on 350 for about 25 mins, and it was delish!!

Up Close N Personal with L'Anchovie

Anchovies aren't gross to me, my parents were always the weird people ordering them on pizza.  And until I began working in pizza places, I didn't think that it was weird, or rare! My parents were probably 1 out of 3 people who ever ordered anchovy pizza!

What my fav pizza?  The hubby and I really enjoy Sausage, Jalapeno, Ricotta, Anchovy and Onion pizza.  Try it, you'll like it!! We had it a few times that it was to die for!!

Speaking of amazing things, I bought this:

 To make this

 To feed this:

I bought that type of Chicken Sausage in Apple Flavor, and decided to try the jalapeno.  So much yummier! They are all natural and fully cooked, so I just cut one up last night and slapped it on a Sandwich thin with Yellow Mustard and Extra Sharp Cheddah Cheese for lunch.  My belly really enjoyed this!

Eating lunch everyday with the hubby is quite... interesting! (Same goes for working together... but that's an entirely different blog!) I pack a gazillion things for myself, and like 2 for him! (He had a leftover steak sandwich).  As picky as he says hes not, he is for lunch! He wants quick and easy and could care less if he eats all day... not a person after my own heart. oiu9

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  1. Oohw I was drooling whilst reading about your yummy pizza with anchovies, then I saw that packet of cooked jalapeno chicken sausages and my envy almost turned to hate! No seriously, that is some yummy stuff going into your tummy for a soon to be mummy.