Thursday, February 17, 2011

Two Things

Two reasons why I've been "slacking" in the blogging world. 

1.  I break everything.  Or, everything breaks.  Seriously, technology these days, I hate it! My first phone lasted me a long time.  It even could get wet, and you could really place an old phone in a cup of rice and by the next day it would be fixed! Old phones, and pagers, and cameras, never ever broke "just because".  Well, my silly Blackberry phone decided one day it wasnt going to log any of my phone calls.  After about a week of fully dialing every number I needed to call, I decided it was really obnixious, so I took the battery out.  I left it out for a few minutes, and placed the battery back in.  Now, my silly Blackberry wont turn back on! Or, should I say it turns on but immediately shuts off! Grrr, these things make me mad because the last thing I wanted to do after work was pick up Mikayla and stand in a line at Verizon for 30 mins alongside other people with broken phones.

this paragraph was a long way of saying my camera AND camera phone are both broken, which means no more pictures until I get them fixed! I am going to "run" there after work.  (Read: there is no such thing as "running quick errands" with a big belly and a 5 yr old girl).

2. This book happened to me:

Very similar to A Child Called It. So amazing, I cannot stop reading it! I guess it pays to work for a high school reading teacher, everywhere I look there are amazing books that I read cover to cover!!

One more day of work until a week of vacation!! I cant wait to just hang out with my family and relax and not really do much of anything!! Normally we would be off skiing everyday, but my husband (probably) tore his ACL and Im getting more and more pregnant, so Im okay with staying home and enjoying our place.

And cooking. Lots and lots of cooking and baking next week!! I have big plans people, big plans.

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