Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Snip Snip" is so sad

Just a quick update... Pocket is "doing well", but its so terribly awful right now!! A few minutes ago Pocket, Mikayla and I were sitting on the couch together (as soon as we got home)... Pocket was crying on one side of me and Mikayla was crying hysterically on the other side of me!! Im pregnant... I wanted to cry too.  Shes so lil, and its so pathetic!! I just want to hold her, but she just cant seem to get comfortable.

 I hope she is okay by tomorrow, because she is my baby and I love her!

Rocket is doing great, hes running and jumping and sleeping like a normal lil pup.

Tonight seems like a sandwich and couch kinda night.  Maybe a steak panini... sounds amazing to me!  We are going to relax, watch a kiddie movie (possibly Stewart Little) and take care of our lil furry babies.

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