Friday, February 25, 2011

Breakfast: The Sweetest Thing

The worst thing about being pregnant and sick and having a 5 yr old? The morning doesn't stop! It still needs to roll on, moms still need to wake up, function, cook breakfast... you catch my drift.  I didn't sleep AT ALL last night, I had a fear of strep throat, even though now it feels so much better!

Breakfast: Mikayla wanted to cook something.  She got out her brand new piggy-whisk that her Nana bought her, and got to work:

Mikayla cracked 2 eggs, and added vanilla, almond milk and cinnamon in a bowl, and whisked away (complete with hand on hip)

While I assembled amazing stuffed french toast using these yummy ingredients

I smothered one piece of bread with Nutella and the other with all natural crunchy PB, then sliced up a banana and placed it on top of the Nutella

Then we dipped it in Mikaylas mixture, cooked it on the stove for a few mins, and (heavily) drizzled it with the worlds best maple syrup

It was sweet and delicious! We added the rest of the banana on top, and enjoyed it while watching Strawberry Shortcake, the movie.

Stuffed Gooey Goodness

And now its time to lay on my sick couch and enjoy my snowy vacation day and have my family spoil me.

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  1. Lovely and delicious looking breakfast! :) Your little one is adorable and nice she's in the kitchen helping.


  2. Hi Mrs. V,
    Your stuffed gooey goodness makes a delicious looking breakfast. That breakfast would help anyone feel better. Thank you so much for bringing this lovely breakfast to FULL PLATE THURSDAY and please come back!

  3. This looks soooo good! Stopping by from Friday Potluck. Wow that looks pretty amazing. Love nutella. Love pb. Love french toast. Love banana. LOVE IT!

  4. This is so much better than the slices of cheese that I'm going to end up eating today for breakfast! Love all of the flavors and textures... and I REALLY love the piggy whip! Thanks for linking up to Friday Potluck today!

  5. these look fantastic. i want to make these at our house!!

  6. This looks sooooo good! Brunch is my favorite meal, and this is a great idea that's very adaptable.