Friday, February 18, 2011

A Meat-Eating Night for all

Last day of work before one week of vacation!! WOOT WOOT! This morning I woke up nice and early and in a wonderful mood!! I made a delicious breakfast for Pete and I:

Eggy goodness
And then proceeded to eat both sandwiches... haha, sorry love! It was a Bagel thin, with a fried egg, spinach and mustard... soo good! Since I made breakfast I didn't have time to pack lunch and didn't really want the leftovers from last night, so were going out to lunch today. 

Today was my special bake-off day... which I will post about later.  Lets just say I was unhappy with the outcome and didn't want to bring it in to work. Pete brought my baked goods anyway, and the two pans were GONE by the beginning of 2nd period (mind you, it starts at 8:40ish)!  That makes me feel good.  Pete actually came to me 2nd period to tell me this; in his hand was a cup of chili with cornbread and sour cream (for me!) (Good hubby points for that one!)  Apparently, there was chocolate in it.  I figured the chili had chocolate in it before I ate it, but honestly you couldn't taste it, which is such a waste of calories (for me).  If I'm eating chocolate, why do I want it hidden?

Last night I made burgers.  I bought ground beef (85%) and ground lamb, and was going to make some fancy shmancy beef/lamb burgers, but decided I will make lamb gyros some night next week.  Ground lamb is definitely a treat, so I want to do something special with it.

How I made my burgers:
First, I poured in some milk, one egg, and 2 pieces of bread

Then some amazing bbq sauce, chopped garlic, and spices 

Then I added the meat and realized it might be too wet, so little by little I added Panko breadcrumbs

 I then fried em up in my amazing meat pan... (mines the one with the weak bleu cheese on it, although I added more once it was on my bun!)

This mix made 6 burgers... I like to say 3 Pete burgers and 3 Vanessa burgers

I also cooked up some thick bacon.  Every time I cook bacon I always end up eating it as soon as its done cooking... I mean, who can resist?! One piece ended up on my burger, but about 6 went right into my watering mouth! I also added Fresh Spinach, more bleu cheese, bbq sauce, and onions & shrooms cooked in the spicy bbq sauce (which are hiding under the bacon!)

Yes, yes, I actually prefer the sandwich thin over some bad hamburger bun.  On the side I cooked up a tray of roasted veggies: sprouts, zucchini, orange pepper, asparagus, and onion.

Sooooo yummy!

I haven't eaten a hamburger in MONTHS!   

I also bought and cooked the doggies a special treat:

Yes, they are spoiled in the sense that I cook for my doggies. but I'm sorry, this is SO MUCH CHEAPER and healthier than buying a can of dog food; since being pregnant the smell of it has also made me want to vomit every time! I cook the entire thing with lots of water, and leave it in a container in my fridge.  the doggies especially loved this, they actually at ALL of their dry food, which they never do!

Now Im off on my lunch date, and tonight we are meeting friends at Albany Pump Station for a birthday dinner! I better go check out the menu so I can arrive with food ideas! (Checking out the online menu is a must, if I actually want to order in a timely fashion!).

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