Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Healthy Choices at Work

So, how did I celebrate my Valentines Day?

Fancy Chocolates?.... No.
Expensive Presents?... No!
Mushy-gushy I love you cards?... No.
Heart Shaped pink cookies?...No!
Eggplant Parm?... YES!
Veal Parm?.. Double Yes!!
Fried Calamari?... Sure honey!

Its not like we don't like or don't celebrate Valentines Day, its just that my husband and I work together and spend every single second together.  I don't need flowers for Pete to show me he loves me.  I don't need to brag about things he buys me.  I think perspectives change on these things once you have children together.  Its not like I don't want flowers, its just that Id rather spend money on other things besides flowers and chocolate! My husband doesn't know it, but Valentines Day was PERFECT for me yesterday!

I came home, got Mikayla off the bus, sent the puppies outside, and began cleaning and doing a lil laundry,   (I'm just never in the mood for these silly things!) while Mikayla danced away to Just Dance For Kids. (She's adorable, btw). We then shared a leftover slice of chicken parm pizza, and while she watched Garfield, I dozed off, with my puppies curled up next to me and Mikayla on my lap.  the husband was still at work, which never happens either!

As soon as he walked in the door he said, "get up, I'm taking my girls out".  UM, okay, I'm sleeping, in black yoga pants, and my hairs a big messy mess!! It was the perfect look for what he had in mind too, we didn't go to a fancy dress up restaurant, we went to some Italian restaurant.  A "working class" Italian restaurant, too. 

It made my night! I love you Pete and Mikayla!

He isn't at work with me today, which means I had to fend for myself all morning.  As much as I thought I was going to rush, I made it to work super early.  I packed myself my new obsession, to enjoy as my second breakfast (first was obviously a bagel with salmon cream cheese):

Almond Milk
Quaker Oat Squares
Cinnamon Life
Honey O's, or some new Kellogg's cereal

Who says you cant eat healthy working at a computer??

Stay tuned, for tonight this pregnant lady's gonna cook!!

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