Friday, February 4, 2011

German & Polish Food

Lets just start off by saying I don't feel well today :( I'm tired, and my body just wants to lay in my bed and sleep.  Its pretty difficult to keep my eyes open.  I think of it as the baby's just growing and taking all of mommy's energy! (Which I will be halfway there on Sunday!! Whoo hooo 20 weeks!! And only 15 lbs!!)

Breakfast this morning was a mini-bagel smothered in Philadelphia salmon cream cheese.  Since I eat breakfast at 6 a.m., I always need a back up breakfast for when I arrive at work.  Today I packed Mikayla's Crayola container full of Almond Milk, and a bag of cereal (Cinnamon chex mix, special K, and raisins).... since I've been pregnant I've had this thing for cereal; although its not really very filling. 

Last night I went grocery shopping.  Call me crazy, but its one of my favorite things in the world! I love seeing how much food I can buy while trying to spend the same amount of money each week.  I'd say I spend on average $120 per week on groceries.  Not sure if that's normal or not, but that's what I spend.  We ALWAYS have a well-stocked kitchen, and the only things we ever run out of are fruits and veggies (which I honestly spent $50-$60 alone on this trip!) Super-duper expensive!!

Anyway, back to my point.  I saw Bratwursts were on sale, so I purchased two packs of them.  I knew while grocery shopping that this would be dinner because they are super quick and easy.  I also picked up a box of Mrs. T's mini-pierogies, which are usually live in my freezer because they are so yummy.  Dinner would be simple, yet delicious!

Mmmm I love mustard!
As soon as I got home I boiled my Brats, this time with the casing on (only because I had so much stuff to put away!).  Here's more of the crap that came off, but not as much crap that boils off the sausage:

Once they were done, I took kitchen scissors, cut off the casing, and pan fried them to perfection. (After, I heated up Rocket & Pockets food in the leftover grease... they were in doggie heaven)

In another pan I fried up some mini-pierogies.  Baking is a healthier option and the pierogies honestly end up tasting the same, but I was too impatient to wait for the oven to heat up.

Dinner on a paper towel... now that's what I call class!
 Hubby enjoyed his on hot dog buns... a special treat for him since I hate hot dogs and hot dog buns!

While scarfing down my Bratwursts last night I asked Pete what the difference was between a Brat and a Sausage... we came to the conclusion one is beef (Brat) and the sausage is pork.  well, after a lil googling I discovered a Brat is just a type of sausage, and Sausage is just a blanket statement for any meat wrapped in a casing.  Brats are German, and in Germany they include veal in theirs, but not here in our lovely I'm-afraid-to-eat-veal-ever country.  Whatever the actual difference is, the Brat was much meatier, tastier, and less greasy than sausage that I normally buy.  (and a lil FYI- a Knackwursts, or Knockwurst, is more  "hot dog" looking, and are flavored, mostly with garlic).  Am I wrong?    I found this interesting anyway, but I am an avid sausage lover :)

I am off to eat lunch (leftovers), finish my day, and possibly go dress shopping for my friend Katies wedding tomorrow night.  Lets just hope I can keep my eyes open!!

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