Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chinese Food on Snow Days

Yesterday was a nice, unexpected day off from work due to ONLY 9.5 inches of snow... the 2 feet I was hoping for just never came:(  This mornings b-fast was a repeat of Tuesdays: 2 Turkey Sausage Egg White Wake-Up wraps, with a medium Hazelnut coffee.  Buying breakfast just saves time!

Last night for din din I decided to cook up some Rice Noodles and make me some Chinese Food! I don't have a photo of my rice noodles, but I buy the long, thin translucent ones located in the Chinese Food section.  I like to boil a lil bit of water and beef bullion cubes, then once the water is boiling I just soak the noodles in the pot while I cook up the dinner.

Into a frying pan went: Peeled, raw shrimp, scallops and thinly cut up steak.  I cooked that all the way through then took dumped it into a bowl; in the same pan I then threw in one onion cut into big hunks, one zucchini cut small, and one baby can of water chestnuts.  Once that was cooked how I wanted it, I added the meat and seafood, and using a pair of tongs I also added the Rice Noodles.  Hold on... not done yet! To make a family-friendly sauce, I re-heated the beef bullion liquid (what was in the pot) and added some Worcestershire Sauce, Gravy Master, chopped garlic, and flour to thicken it up.  Once that was done, I mixed it in with dinner... it was so yummy!

On the side I made some frozen stuffed clams that Ive had in the freezer, and some frozen green beans.  Although I have tons of food in my home, I'm pretty much out of fresh stuff since I take it to work with me everyday!  The sauce you see on my plate is my favorite burn-your-mouth-off sauce IN THE WORLD:

I'm on fire!

I mean, I can handle hot food.  I taste-test hot sauces on a spoon. Ive been known to scarf down any kind of hot pepper, and load my pizza (I mean cover) with Red Pepper (does anyone else think its so not spicy??) I am a spicy-food-lover for life, and trust me when I tell you this stuff is HOT.  Its actually a lingering hot, it just doesn't go away! Whats so weird about this amazing sauce (and this brand makes lots of different flavors, all good) is there isn't any type of spicy pepper listed in the ingredients -  I cant figure out which ingredient makes it hot!

Mikayla enjoyed her dinner (minus the burn-your-face-off stuff) using 3 plates she picked out:

Tonight, four of my best friends: Lauren, Andrea, Erica and Katie, will be in Boston for Katie's bachelorette party.  I think its pretty ironic that I'M the one who cant go because I have to work!! I'm pretty bummed I cant make it to Boston tonight, but I will see all my best friends at Katie's wedding in Connecticut this weekend... which I am very excited about! Now, I just have to decide if I'm going to purchase a maternity dress, or just squeeze my lil baby boy into one that I already own?! Decisions, decisions!

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