Monday, February 28, 2011

Manic Monday

This post will be short and sweet. Today was a back to work day for me... its always difficult going back to work after a week long vacation.  Pete and I shared dinner duties tonight, but he pretty much made dinner since I'm still not feeling good.  I just cant seem to shake this darn cold!  

I ate about 87 tacos smothered in salsa and taco sauce, and then a taco salad after that.  I'm good for crunchy tacos about four times a year, they remind me of being a kid for some reason.

We also had a conversation about eating tacos from the top or the side... obviously Mikayla is a top-taco eater.  She ate two tacos, which is a lot for such a lil princess!

Someone was excited to go back to school after a week long vacation... I guess that's the fun of being 5!

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