Wednesday, March 2, 2011

True Love and a side of Eggs

Its (almost) official... I've gained 30 lbs... or close enough.  Sigh! I'm only 23 weeks, which makes me wonder how big I will actually get... 17 more to go, baby.

For breakfast today, I resorted back to eggs, because, well... because I just love eggs and cant live without them!  I made a fried egg on a sandwich thin with spinach and Tabasco sauce.  I could eat eggs every single day, they are seriously the perfect food.  Eggs are filling and since there are so many ways to eat them, how could you ever be sick of these lil things?!

And yes, I sliced up a cucumber on the side.  A girl still needs to eat, ya know! Enough about my boring favorite breakfast, lets move on to me bragging about how wonderful my husband is. Not only has he cooked for me a ton this week(here, here, and here) but he also went grocery shopping (gasp!!) AND cooked both of our parents dinner last night.  That's right, my husband fed 7 fabulous people dinner last night!

What you see here is two types of pasta - I mentioned to Pete that I really wanted Pesto for dinner, so he made pesto and a tomato-y vodka sauce. I feel like the luckiest girl on the planet!!!!!  He also made a huge side salad, and Roasted Garlic for those amazing biscuits you see. 

My mother in law made these Pillsbury biscuits filled with Jalapeno and Cheese.  What a nice dinner!! I'm super spoiled, I better go buy some T-bones and cook them up, my hubby deserves it!