Thursday, March 17, 2011

Five Guys

Today... was an eating day!! We took Mikayla to the dentist one more time, which was more pleasant than Tuesday (whew!) and Pete also took the day off.  After making myself a sweet breakfast sandwich, we went to Brueggers Bagels and I ordered a Sun-dried tomato bagel with olive cream cheese... yummm!  They have the BEST cream cheese.

Lunch was a trip to Five Guys because Pete has never been,and we were starving! I got a single burger with cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, fried onions, mushrooms, jalapenos and mustard.

Pete got almost the same thing, but he got the regular, which is really two patty's

OMG I want to eat that... now!!! We both agreed these are NOT as good as Shake Shack, which is the best burger on the planet!!  Pete and I both worked at the Saratoga Race Track all summer, and I ate my fair share of Shake Shack burgers and cheese fries (a guilty pleasure of mine!).  (If you ever go, get the Shack Stack, its amazing!).  Ive completely lost my lust for burgers, but as I'm blogging about it I can feel it coming back!

Anyway, Mikayla ordered a hot dog, which is a treat for her because I cant stand hot dogs and don't allow her to eat them. 

I must admit the hot dog was pretty tasty, and I looooooved how the cut it so it was easy to eat. We also got a small fry which was like three times the size of the cup... we couldn't even finish all of our food, and that never happens.  The entire meal came to $22.50, what a steal ;)

Dinner was obviously Corned Beef and cabbage.  My mother in law made FIVE corned beefs! I also had to keep eating everything I baked yesterday, since its unfair to keep chocolate in the house since Pete gave it up for lent.  I wouldn't want to be a bad wife now, would I? 

Whew, now I'm totally stuffed, but hey, I'm pregnant so its okay... right?!

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